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Thank you for expressing interest in our 2016 training and development programs. Please review our program options below and confirm your enrollment by processing your initial program deposit by Friday, April 1, 2016. All program participant spaces are limited and will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at 1.888.353.0899 ext 5.



The advanced development program is a private and extremely hands on consulting program for clients who need us to help them build the platform and prefer to use our team of contractors to development key components of the brand.  From branding identity, to content messaging, social media graphics and sales and marketing plans, these clients invest to save tons of time on outsourcing, hiring, and building. You also save money that could potentially be wasted on piece-mealing your platform together while sacrificing your vision without quality development, cohesiveness, and authentic alignment with your natural skill set and company mission. This program allows you to partner with TDR Brands and leverage her existing contractors and resources to create an infrastructure and platform with a streamlined process. 


Perfect for entrepreneurs who are meticulous about their investment, extremely limited on time, prefer proper planning and support, and want to increase efficiency and results. This program is also perfect for the person or couple who would prefer that we direct and outsource the project.


A 6 to 12 month commitment of training, development and platform building with face to face sessions available upon request. 


  • Private consulting with TDR and her team of consultants and contractors
  • Brand identity with visual branding created or updated to align with your authentic messaging
  • The creation of clear messaging and content throughout your website or an assessment and revision of your existing messaging and content
  •  250 printed business cards
  • Customized letter head
  • A branded digital product to support a passive revenue model if applicable
  • Social media banners, website banners, logo or graphics needed to maximize the visual impact of your product or services
  • TDR and her team will create up to 4 weeks of automated content where applicable
  • Unlimited email access
  • Virtual training and development sessions with TDR
  • Start smart resource guide
  • Participation in quarterly build your own brand Pause.Plan.Profit face to face workshop
  • TDR's recommended NDA agreement and free lance contractor agreement for future use
  • Team recruiting and team building support where applicable
  • Sales tracking and marketing content grid 
  • Sample of TDR's speaking contractor and rider where applicable for those who offer public speaking
  • Event Plan and Profit checklist where applicable




Program Value: $20,000 - $40,000

Your Investment: $14,000

Payment Options:

One time pay in full incentive: $13,000

SAVE $1,000

Extended payment plan:  $3,000 deposit + 28 bi-weekly installments as low as $399.



This consulting program allows existing entrepreneurs and servant leaders who are actively building their community, hosting live events or courses, and launching or expanding their platform to  leverage ongoing training, development, and accountability with TDR. This virtual training program includes unlimited email support, private submission page for monthly feedback, and face to face live Pause. Plan. Profit. training days throughout the year. The clients who succeed most in this program have completed some form of previous work with TDR Brands International and want to continue learning and growing from the ongoing support and consulting, while navigating their own brand or the potential participant has a strong corporate background and understands how sales and marketing work together to produce results. As opportunities arise within your brand, new contractor proposals are reviewed and discoveries within your brand are made, you are able to partner with TDR and other participants to stay the course and maximize these milestones. TDR trains monthly and each participant is provided access to a private page to provide questions for feedback. The accountability associated with this program is priceless. TDR is committed to helping you reach the finish line. 


The entrepreneur launching or expanding their own brand. This is the perfect solution for the entrepreneur who wants to take advantage of solid consulting, the ability to collaborate with other participants, and put in the muscle and effort to develop or expand with excellence. This program offers unmatched accountability and the support you need to navigate self doubt, limited resources, a demanding schedule, and potential distractions. It's perfect for the entrepreneur on a limited budget who is willing to do the work and grow along the way. 


An 8 month virtual training and accountability program with TDR.


  • Training, development, and consulting at a FRACTION of the cost
  • Structure and accountability that you can rely on when life gets busy and distractions come
  • Key collaborators, partners, and sponsors
  • Save time, frustration, potential pitfalls, and getting stuck or overwhelmed as you continue growing
  • Empowerment and encouragement to celebrate your progress and success, no matter how small they may seem to you or those who can’t relate
  • Peace of mind in knowing you are on the path and taking the steps to serve from a place of authenticity, excellence, and perfection.
  • Interactive live Q&A available for instant feedback
  • Unlimited email support
  • The option to train with TDR and other participants face to face at our live Pause. Plan. Profit trainings in Atlanta
    • Training Day Options
      • June 17-18
      • September 16 -17
      • November 11-12
    • *Traveling and lodging is not included with this program.
    • Program participants can also request private Pause.Plan.Profit. trainings at an additional cost if you live out of space and want TDR to travel to you. This will be at an additional cost. 




Program Value: $10,000 - $17,000

Your Investment: $5,900

One Time Payment Option: $5,500

SAVE $400

Extended Payment Plan:  $499 + 24 bi-weekly payments as low as $229.



Train for a  full day with TDR or a member of our consultancy to assess your vision, brand, concept, event, platform, proposal or your platform messaging or content. We will identify areas of opportunity, growth, and expansion, along with areas of concern or heightened risk. Allow TDR to support you with a clear direction on how to position or re-position your brand for client attraction and authentic growth. This investment has been proven to best help business owners who are able to create a list of pre-existing questions and need help gaining ultimate clarity and alignment while pulling all the pieces together.  Start-ups who are not sure who they want to serve and cannot create any questions to guide your time together may not be ready to invest in this offer. Consider our Start Smart digital course or save time with our digital resource guide, which will save you money as you get started.  Feel free to ask TDR or one of our consultants all of the questions that you have to maximize your session together and a pre-assessment questionnaire will be provided prior to our session to maximize your time together.


This offer is available at our office for a face to face meeting or virtually for our out-of-state clients. On-site assessments are available upon request.


  • One on one support from TDR or a member of our consultancy
  • Unlimited questions answered during your training
  • A pre-session questionaire to maximize your session
  • Strategic direction 
  • Brand opportunities to consider
  • Clear feedback and directions
  • Pitfall to consider within your model
  • Options to consider to leverage your authentic gifts and skill set
  • 50% of your program tuition is due prior to the scheduling of your training
  • If you prefer that TDR travel to you, travel and lodging is not included in this investment and is based upon availability. 




Value: $2,500 - $6,000

Your Investment: $1295

One Time Payment: $1,100

SAVE $195

 Extended payment: $299 deposit +  8 bi weekly installments as low as $150



This is a 4 week intensive sales training intensive with TDR. This program will focus on sales goal setting, operating lean and being consistent. Each person will have a sales goal at the start of class and TDR will lead you through this intense 4 weeks to help you meet or surpass this goal. This is an intense sales training boot camp. This is not a training and development, or branding const program. It is strictly for those wanting to learn how to hit a real sales goal quickly and test their sales goal capabilities with support. 


Those with an existing products and/or services and a website or storefront.


Online Sales Training Intensive

  • Week one consists of a consecutive 5 day accountability and sales training sessions with TDR at 11:30 am - 12:30 pm est
  • Week two through four consist of Lunch & Learn sessions with TDR at 11:30 am - 12:30 pm est
    • Sessions will be recorded if there is a schedule conflict. 


  •  4 weeks of intense sales training with TDR
  • One week of consecutive mindset training and re-positioning
  • Weekly sales goals tracking
  • Intense accountability 
  • Email Support
  • Live Q&A sessions with TDR 




Program Value: $2,000

Your Investment: $899

Payment options:

A one time payment of $750

(SAVE $149)

Extended payment:  $97 deposit + 9 payments of $97. 


This offer is limited to the first 12 students and is only for those with existing products, services, and a website or storefront for customers to purchase your product or service. Students without products, services or links will not be able to maximize this program. 


Tierra Destiny Reid is a grateful mother of two, and an innovative trailblazer in retail, entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment. The author of the revolutionary empowerment guide 'The Power of Peace in a Pause', Tierra is passionate about using her life lessons and gifts to inspire women around the world to pause and propel their way to authentic success, leadership, and service. 

Known for her unique mix of heart, accountability, and hard-driving business savvy, Tierra is the President of TDR Brands International and the visionary behind The Retail Campus, an emerging global resource for women with retail products and store fronts.  Her unconventional and inspirational approach has made her a sought out speaker and contributor for female-focused brands including Tory Johnson’s Spark & HustleLittle Pink BookWISE SymposiumBlogalicious, and the National Association of Resale and Thrift Stores 25th Anniversary conference.  She has also been featured on Good Morning America Work Spot, Success Magazine, FOX, CBS, OWN TV promo for meditation series, covered the red carpet for O You in LA, and shared her feedback in O, The Oprah Magazine's, We Hear You column. Tierra is a proud Oprah Winfrey Network Ambassador and dreams of creating a non-profit for single mothers striving to also blaze trails while becoming their best selves along the way. Click here to view our company highlights from 2015.


  • Computer
  • Telephone
  • Internet Access


  • Headphones
  • Journal
  • Printer
  • Free dropbox.com  Account
  • Legal Pads, Planning Materials
  • Calculator


A confidentiality statement will be provided to all students. All sales are final and non-transferable. In the event of program cancellation a 30% cancellation fee will incur. A formal written notice of cancellation is required and should be faxed to 1.888.353.0899. In the event of an unforeseen hardship that impact participation the student will be provided access to all program materials, including recordings,  to take advantage of the program. 


Students are required to listen to all modules and complete the assignments according to deadlines communicated.  Live sessions will be recorded in case there is a scheduling conflict.


Each assignment is designed to provide you with a foundation for success. Please set aside time to give your undivided attention to your goals. 


You are responsible for listening to the lectures, reading the required materials, and understanding the materials presented. You are also responsible for asking questions and attending the scheduled calls. 


Prepare for lectures. Listen to the lectures in their entirety, and take notes.  Take the time to complete assignments with the best of your ability, and submit them on time. 

Questions and concerns?

Contact a member from our team at 1.888.353.0899 Ext 5.