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New Thoughts. New Actions. New View.


Are you ready to have a real conversation, address real issues, and get real results? The truth is... there is no one way to do anything. However, when you have the opportunity to connect with solid, solution driven and success minded individuals, it is important that you not only show up and make the sacrifice to get there, but it is equally as important that you ADD YOUR VOICE.

This is so important to me because for 2016, we have been enforcing the intentional message of A NEW VIEW for 2016!
A new view requires that we get honest on a new level. We must look at ourselves and ask where we can improve?
We must look at our goals and ask, where can I improve or how can I use my wisdom and mistakes to propel forward?
We must assess the people and environment around us and honestly ask if we are in a healthy place to thrive and what changes may be needed to support our ultimate growth.

Many times we are too hard on ourselves but then there are times when we are ready to get serious, streamline, tap into the root of an issue and LEVEL UP. Yes!!!! Level up, meaning reach and execute towards a greater vision and a deeper level of potential and truth. I have been in business for several years now and I never imagined that getting laid off would catapult me into my love for entrepreneurship full time. It was overwhelming and scary but it was exciting too. There were days when I felt like I was on 2,000 and could conquer the world. Then there were days that I felt alone, fragile and vulnerable. I was uncertain of how things would fall into place but I was never uncertain of the talents and skills that I had worked too hard to learn in my past corporate career in Federated Buying Offices or at the University of Georgia.  

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Join me for
A New View. New Actions. New Results. I look forward to locking arms with you just as you are. On that note, I 'll leave you with the quote that blessed me most as I embarked into 2016.
" You don't need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections."

Special Thanks To Our Featured City Hosts

Topics of Discussion Include:

What about you?

The Courage to Pause and Knowing when its time to propel

Building your brand

Gaining exposure (Corporate Partnerships and Media Exposure)

Generating Passive Revenue – For those with a busy schedule

Tour Dates: 

Atlanta - April 16

Virgin Islands (Surrender It) - April 23

DC - April 30

Orlando- June 4th