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5 Smart Career Tips that You Can Begin Tomorrow!

5 Smart Career Tips That You Can Begin Tomorrow! 

1. The first one is, Take Responsibility, you have to take ownership of your career development. There are so many companies who have scaled back on training and development due to the economic downturn and smaller companies cannot provide significant support for their employees, so to simply put this your career rests in only one set of hands and that’s yours. And if you’re looking for a job, make your job search be your full-time job. Work 40 hours per week on finding a job and submitting applications. No excuses! Don’t quit! Employers can get up to 500 resumes for ONE job opening. When you dread “failing” and have this poisonous fear of failure within you, your nervous system will kick in and you’ll experience all the feelings that go with failure. Unwittingly, you will overestimate the dangers facing you and underestimate yourself. This is where you have to take control!!! Remember, fear of rejection doesn’t have to paralyze your job search efforts! Understanding your value and expressing it confidently allows you to shine in every interaction you have, whether in person or in writing!

2. Strategize. Have a long-term career strategy, or at the very least an idea for where you’re headed. Ask yourself, “What do I really want to do? Or, where do I see myself in 5-10 years?” Write this information down. I CANNOT stress how important it is to write down your goals especially as it pertains to your career and/or job search. This will guide you throughout the year and allow you to see your career development and growth. Get a small notebook and carry it with you. Write down various magazines, articles, books, and websites that you want to read and gain more information from regarding your job search. 

3. Connect the Dots: Work in step with your company’s goals. Connect the dots from your role to your company’s vision and key objectives. Reflect on how your work aligns with the organization’s goals and then think about how you can maximize your contributions. If you’re a job seeker you can do this activity also, think about the companies that you’re applying for and how their strategic plan coincidences with your career goals. (BUT, don’t allow this to keep you from stepping outside of your focus area. My background is in education, BUT I was still able to show how my transferrable skills could translate into a career in public health & science even though I didn’t major in either of those areas.) Ultimately, it is the demonstration of your strengths that will lead to your success. Remember, I want you to develop and demonstrate your transferable skills!!!! Your education does not have to determine your elevation! See yourself in a new role. Cross OVER. Many successful employees have risen through the ranks by taking cross-functional roles, such as moving from finance to sales or marketing to IT or administration role to project management etc. Focus on your transferrable skills and don’t stay confined to one box. Form a mental picture of the positive self you’d like to become in your career. 

4. Strengthen Your Communication Skills. Communication skills can make or break our careers. Pick one area that you need to hone in on such as listening, presenting, persuading, or writing emails for example and commit to improving this area. Pick one area to focus on this month. JUST ONE. Think about which area you need to strengthen your skills on. Take a class, practice with a trusted friend or co-worker and focus on a particular area. Strong communication skills are vital for a successful career. A great resource for assessing your communication skills is www.mindtools.com. And click on the communications page. They have communication checklists and multiple tools that you can start right away!!! Communication is KEY to your success! 

5. Find a Guide & Network…NOW NOT NEXT WEEK!!! Mentors can serve as influential role models and provide critical support and guidance for your career. Never underestimate the power of a mentor. Reach out to a potential mentor within your company and see if he or she would be open to mentoring you for a specific purpose and timeframe. You can even draft a mentorship proposal. The best time to increase your network is today. Your network = your net worth. Starting now, get involved in groups such as professional organizations and/or charitable organizations. Step into leadership roles and make your expertise known. As you begin to build relationships in your new networks, don’t forget those that you connected with years before. They can continue to serve as a critical resource. I am still in contact with my mentors from over 10+ years ago. They were the foundation for my success and always pushed me and shared new resources and success. We keep valuable items in our homes, even if they are old. WE don’t throw those away. Keep in touch with your old mentors while you make new ones. This will create a cycle for YOUR success! 

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