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Meet Annelle Johnson Elder

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TDR Brands International spotlights Power Moms who show inner strength and courage, while simultaneously loving and nurturing family, during the pursuit of their dreams.


Tierra Destiny Reid:  Please give us a brief recap of your career.

Annelle Johnson Elder:  I started out as a cashier for McDonalds as a teenager in Albany, New York. On to do nursing assistant work in nursing homes, while raising my two daughters.  I was also a medical secretary for nearly ten years and in school at the same time to become a Master Cosmetologist. I've had now thirteen contracts in all types of facilities. I am an advocate for seniors and those persons diagnosed with Alzheimer ’s disease. My husband and I have a small real estate company, we have had for fourteen years.  We do appraisals, home inspections, and mobile notary services.  I have recently written my first literary project entitled "Purple River".  This book was written to help others live well past their past, pains, and hurdles.

TDR:  Please tell us about your children.  

AJE:  Tierra Destiny; a wife, mother of two wonderful children, community engager, a giver, as well as being an entrepreneur.  She is the author of “The Power of Peace in a Pause.”  I am extremely proud of Tierra Destiny.  My youngest daughter, Tashbina Vaya Wahid, is a veteran jewlery sales associate at a high-end franchise.  Tashbina is a sweet person that enjoys helping others and she loves her family and friends. Tashbina mentors young ladies and she is the author of "The Fast Lane."


TDR:  How are you juggling your passion with the responsibilities of parenthood?

AJE:  I no longer have to juggle, but back then I tried to do as much studying as I could while the children were in school or sleeping.  I never let go of my passion to help and connect with people. Parenthood was always #1, because the girls had no one but me to depend on.  My life and theirs was hard, but we made it out of difficult times and God walked us through all of the seasons that were ours. Once the girls got bigger, I dug in to do what I wanted to do in life and didn’t mind trying new things that were out of the norm for women.


TDR:  What are some of your struggles and how do you work to overcome them?

AJE:  Caring too much for others, I have to learn that I can do some things, but I cannot change and fix the world alone.  I am learning to listen more and better also. Life has a way of changing right in front of you and we may not see it happening.  I will continue to work on myself to get closer to God with every breath I take until the end of my journey.

TDR:  What are 2 resources you use to help you stay motivated?

AJE:  Dreams and love for humanity.  I also love to listen to music as an outlet.

TDR:  What is your favorite way to pause?

AJE:  People watching, music, traveling, eating good food along with a nice margarita, and visiting thrift stores in different cities.

TDR:  What has been the scariest moment or crossroad in your journey?

AJE:  Being a young mother with the wrong man and leaving Albany, New York, by myself.


TDR:  What would be your greatest advice to other "Power Moms" wanting to pursue their dreams?

AJE:  Ask God to direct your paths, set goals, and make good choices.  Never lose sight of your dreams and pursue them without fail. You can do it!!!

TDR:  What word best describes the legacy you want to leave for your children and why?

AJE:  Love and to love and help others.  This is what I hoped for and eventually I did get on many levels.

TDR:  How can others collaborate and support your mission?

AJE:  Join in and stay connected with the "Purple River" book movement and spread the word. My book is written to give back, inspire, motivate, and encourage! Please feel free to reach out with your ideas to help mankind live better with my message. Thank you!

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