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"The beautiful thing about living your truth is that there is no right or wrong. It's your truth. How you express it is where the choice comes in to play."



But It's Worth It

But It's Worth It

For many it wasn't easy getting to 2016 and every day still isn't sunshine but don't allow pressure and processes to cancel out your promises. Your gifts have made room for you. I know you can feel the stretch but don't give into the cramping. It's just purpose "walk it out". As we get wiser and older, certain things and people should no longer matter. One thing is for sure you will go as far as you can speak and as far as the support around you. What and who shall be, will be. God is definitely removing excuses and giving you what and who you need and desire. This is the season of connections. Sometimes you have to lose to win; it teaches you how to persevere. Learn to do it less than perfect and to do IT afraid. Lots of great things coming and you get to experience some of the best days of your life. Don't wallow in what was but leap into what is to come. Often times we are consumed by our battles and negate to look at what's already been won. It's easier to say what you desire to do, where you desire to go and who you would like to be connected with but the real victory and joy comes in moving your BUT. Change your profession and you'll change your position. Notice the title of this "...But it's worth it" instead of "It's worth it but...". I did that because the “but changes the position of accomplishing based on where it's placed. We are positioned to acquire not shrink back or make excuses. The placement of the "but" says in spite of I can, I must and I will. Blows and trials will come to detour you but they aren't fatal. Tough times don't last tough people do. You're the lead star and headliner. Despite how it feels, there's greater on the other side of through. Faced with anything? Just go through. There's danger and defeat in getting stuck. There's an encore being performed in your life in your honor. Your best is not next its NOW. The stage is set. Are you? Lets go and be great. It's worth it. 

- Melody Joy

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