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What started off as a boardroom round table leadership summit has expanded to more than two dozen leaders traveling in from 6 states to lock arms for 2016 and beyond. Sometimes we can over think things and allow the PAST and LOGIC to keep us from attempting a vision or dream. If we allowed statistics to guide our decision which says that people are less likely to travel during the month of November due to holiday expenses, we wouldn't have gone with our gut!

In the past, it has also been hard for some to get registrants to invest $50 for a seminar let alone invest over $1000 to travel and attend a summit during the holiday season. I once heard a mentor remind me that you will use the same amount of energy serving 20 people at a higher level of investment, commitment,and intimacy as you do trying to get 100 people at a give away rate. This advice gave me the courage to begin offering more intimate events for higher engagement and I can NOT believe we have more than doubled this number and attracted women who I am beyond impressed with. Not only do they serve and have a heart of love, but they are RAZOR sharp! MEET THE SPEAKERS HERE.

Check out the topics below! By the way, we now could use 2 additional volunteers to assist with greeting the leaders as they arrive.

Please reply now if you can join us. Special thanks to our amazing sponsors and in-kind donors! This is a circle of women with high impact, influence, and heart. We can't wait to feature each of your companies AFTER they see the goodies! Shhhh!

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