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It's Good To Cry!

It’s good to cry!

It’s amazing how emotional this time of the year can be. At a time of great joy, memories, and festivities; also comes grief, financial burden, and reality. The reality of what is here and what isn’t. The reality of who is here and who is not. It can sting and it can burn. Some pain runs so deep, that no tree, no egg nog, no 10 pound plate of turkey, dressing, ham or cake can replace. Some wounds and voids are complete holes in our hearts. If this is you, just know that you will get through this. I don’t know what it’s like to live with a hole in my heart but I’ve gotten pretty close to experiencing what death of a loved one close to you will feel like with divorce. I know it’s still different because we are both still living and co-parenting. Heck, we were together last night at spirit night. But the death of what “was supposed to be” is the emotional twist that adds a new dynamic to this holiday for me.

I just finished writing the most gut-wrenching chapter of one of my upcoming books. It took everything in me to write it, but I can’t explain the power of getting it out has just revealed to me.  Behind every tear was toxins leaving my body. Each tear reflected a bit more self-forgiveness, a bit more self-respect, and a bit more compassion for what was.

It’s ok to cry. Crying is a cleanser, a detox, a release, and a nurturer. As bad as the pain feels, the clarity that comes after a good cry could be just the thing you need for your next chapter, New Year, and New View.

- Tierra Destiny