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Meet Jade Ladson

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Meet Power Mom Jade Ladson

Tierra Destiny Reid:  Please give us a brief recap of your career.
Jade Ladson:  I am a Certified Wedding and Event Coordinator with TSO Events. My top responsibility is to listen to my client’s dreams and vision for their upcoming wedding or event. Once I have that vision, I bring it to life by handling all of the behind the scene tasks while eliminating stress from the clients day to day life.

TDR:  Please tell us about your children. 
JL:  David is 24 years old and handles graphics for the company, S'Tonya is my 11 year old Mini Me and when she isn't cheering or dancing; she pitches in on all aspects of Wedding Planning and Event Planning. Marcus is the baby and definitely a handful. He's 6.5 years old and enjoys helping to stuff the favor bags for all of about 5 minutes and then he's bored.
TDR:  How are you juggling your passion with the responsibilities of parenthood?
JL:  I make sure that my entire family is a part of every event. Sometimes we all go out to conduct site visits and that allows us an opportunity to discuss the heritage that every venue has to offer. Also when I'm prepping for the event, everyone gets to pitch in with making sure our quantities are right {This helps The Boy Child with his numbers and he doesn't even know it's school work}.  Aside from including the family in the events, I still find time to make sure they have time that is individual and just for them. Whether it's just hanging at the mall or going out for dinner; it's a time where all calls are on hold and I get to focus my undivided attention on my family.
TDR:  What are some of your struggles and how do you work to overcome them?
JL:  The biggest struggle is making sure our schedules don't clash. When you have a Socialite for a daughter and your 1st grader is always getting invited to birthday parties on the days that you have to work, things tend to get a little tricky. What's working right now, is having a Desk Calendar. Everyone can write their extracurricular activities on the calendar and as long as it's not something last minute... we pull together to make it happen.

TDR:  What are 2 resources you use to help you stay motivated?
JL:  Motivational books and Pinterest    

TDR:  What is your favorite way to pause?
JL:  Listening to and enjoying some 80's music.

TDR:  What has been the scariest moment or crossroad in your journey?
JL:  My crossroad came when I realized that wedding & event coordinating had to be more than a passion. It also needed to be profitable. I was so concerned that all events were as beautiful as possible that I was investing my own money into clients' decor. I realized that if I wanted my events to have a certain look and appeal; it was time to change my target market to attract those clients.

TDR:  What would be your greatest advice to other "Power Moms" wanting to pursue their dreams?
JL:  No matter how difficult things may get... Don't give up and don't exclude your family. They will support you when everyone else walks away.


TDR:  What word best describes the legacy you want to leave for your children and why?
JL:  Partnership, Regardless of the routes they choose in life, TSO has always been a part of their lives and it always will be. Whether they choose to run it themselves or hire staff. I want the 3 of them to do it together... As a partnersh.
TDR:  How can others collaborate and support your mission?
JL:  If you know of anyone recently engaged or getting ready to celebrate a special occasion, please have them contact TSO Events. Each of our coordinators is professionally trained and has a calming presence and provides a voice of reason throughout the planning process.

Connect with Jade:
Twitter – @TsoEvents
Instagram - @TsoEvents

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