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"The beautiful thing about living your truth is that there is no right or wrong. It's your truth. How you express it is where the choice comes in to play."




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New View with LaTaye Davis

TDR:  What issues are you most passionate about in your community?

LaTaye: Public School education - specifically improving reading proficiency for young African-American men.
Advanced education for women on public assistance. Education not just in the formal sense but also in lifestyle improvement, better paying jobs, and parent-child dynamics. Homeless Veterans and Vetpreneurship (specifically female veterans). I would love to publish a book, at no cost to women, where they share their stories of military life and transition thereafter.

TDR: What are most of your philanthropy efforts typically directed towards serving?

LaTaye: The spirits of individuals whom think they're ok but are still living in fear, doubt, and low self-esteem. The sadness is when we pass these feelings on to our children. I also believe in helping homeless and displaced veterans.

TDR:  How do you define leadership?       

LaTaye: The ability to challenge the status quo, bring out the mosaic talents of each individual, and then guide them to translate those talents into living a life full of happiness, joy, and optimism.

TDR:  How would you define your leadership style?

LaTaye: Straight no chaser. I get that an individual may be disappointed, hurt, defeated, unsure...but I didn't come in the room for you to stay that way. Take a knee, take a few sips of water, and then GET THE HELL UP! The devil can't and won't win…GOD wants you to WIN!

TDR:  What would be the most painful lesson that you've learned in life that has helped you become who you are today?

LaTaye: That lesson was and still is…you can't expect anyone to see your value or even respect your value if YOU don't see it in you…truthfully. I'm not talking about your alter ego rocking the heels, driving the nice car, or even saying "it's ok" when it's not. YOU have to love where YOU are while YOU'RE getting where YOU'RE going. Then, stand firm in it! Don't back down and never let anyone else define your worth.

TDR:  What would people be surprised to know that you had to overcome?

LaTaye: Depression and anxiety. Even when I was working at one of the most prestigious military treatment facilities I was living in place of low self-worth, bitterness after my divorce, and internal pain.

TDR:  Name 3 leaders that you look up to. 

LaTaye: Tierra Destiny Reid (of course!), Daymond John, and Marie Forleo (for just being her and loving it).

TDR:  Name 3 of your favorite books.

LaTaye: "The Power of Broke", "The Power of Peace In A Pause", and "Rich Dad Poor Dad".

TDR:  What is your advice for emerging leaders?

LaTaye: 1. Be real with yourself first and never create a "draft" of yourself based on someone else's life.
2. Embrace your journey and just participate in your process. Stop trying to FORCE it to happen and just be proactive in your dreams.
3. Never allow someone to hurt you over and over. Sometimes the space we allow someone to occupy in our lives is more meaningful to us than them. It's okay to let go! Anchors will hold you and your dreams down. You deserve more.
4. Be REAL! The worst thing you can do is be speaking of a life you aren't really living. People want to connect with you and your truth.

TDR:  Complete this sentence…5 years ago I was…

LaTaye: Underpaid, mean, unhappy and making my boss money while I was ruining relationships. I was optimistic about my business but feeling defeated in love. I worked waaayyyy too hard for someone else's money...lol.

TDR:  Complete this sentence…5 years from now I hope to be…

LaTaye: Have a successful company with over 100 employees, have published over 300 authors, and have set up my children financially for their education and lives.

TDR:  If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be and why?

LaTaye: Discernment. I have learned to trust my feelings now. I knew, before, some feelings came from the dysfunction of my generational curses. Nothing will stop me and I cannot allow anyone to get me off track.

TDR: What are some of your current initiatives people can help you with?

LaTaye: The collaborative book with other female veterans and military spouses and the Manifest Your Worth Tour - Creating Balance for Women in their Lifestyles....just having these conversations all over the world with women hearing their take on life, Mommyhood, relationships, etc. AAHHH I just want to sit in the Hamptons (LOL) at a great restaurant with all these cool women with titles (Mom, Caregiver, Sister...you thought I meant those other titles didn't you?)

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