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Leadership Summit Thoughts From The Heart

Leadership Summit 2015
Atlanta, GA
November 13-15

“I gotta keep myself in check sometimes
Cause' I tend to dream real big sometimes
The fancy outfits and the sparkly awards
My name in lights, the people lined up at the doors
But I gotta remember to take it one step at a time
People seem to think
That you'll be happier, once you reach the top
You'll have it all
But I'm living for right now
Cause what if tomorrow never comes
I'm not waiting, I'm not waiting
For the confetti to fall, yeah
I can't just sit around and wait for my life to start
I can make a difference, put a little happiness in someone's heart
The fancy cars, the glitter and the fame
It's all nice, but it won't be worth a thing
Love is bigger, so I'm a stand up for love, yeah”
Tori Kelly – Confetti

Interestingly enough, while reflecting on the power of the weekend with servant leaders and women of excellence coming together, one of the videos of our symbolic ride overlooking the city contained this song, Confetti. My spirit felt at peace. It summed up our weekend…a NEW VIEW…No more waiting for the confetti to fall. Live for right now.
After taking time to pause and learning the importance of embracing each moment and significant milestone in our journey; I realized the power of doing this immediately following our Leadership Summit! Not only did I ignore the urge to rush the team to get all the pictures out in lightning speed, I allowed myself to simply sit, reflect, and celebrate the magic of what had just occurred. In doing so, the following lessons and revelations have surfaced, which I hope will encourage someone else to stop waiting for the confetti to fall, so to speak.

Divinely enough, seven elements came to my spirit during reflection. I have written about each one and it will be released individually. Please share your thoughts and experiences as it pertains to each element. As we begin sharing the power of what the women created as a unit, I must say, I am still a bit overwhelmed in a sense and can physically feel the transformation of yet, another view, a deeper awakening, and a more graceful flow after sharing this special time with such incredible women. Please follow along for the next seven posts. I had no idea I would learn so much.

Continue reading more about NEW VIEW for the next seven days as our CEO, Tierra Destiny Reid, shares thoughts from the heart on what it felt like to experience such magic and power.
Day One: Sacrifice
Day Two: Enough
Day Three: Trust
Day Four: Faith
Day Five: Power of Knowledge
Day Six: Fear
Day Seven: Success

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