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Leadership Summit Thoughts From The Heart Day Five


Part two of our training was jam-packed with solid resources and tools to assist the leaders with expanding their visions and platforms with global e-commerce, government contracting, certifications, team building, and media relations. The information presented took each of the women presenting years of commitment to learn, but was readily shared and distributed to those present. It was as if each woman was sharing her private arsenal to assist and equip another leader for her climb.

What makes this so powerful is that many times once we have made a NEW decision and begin reaching and searching for the proper tools and support, we can become frustrated and discouraged as we face trial after trial. We take two steps forward and then…bam, a setback occurs and we feel like we are headed in the wrong direction yet again. When someone takes the time to share solid information with us, whether it be a new website, software, application, or opportunity; we are able to expand not only our minds, but also our hearts to allow for a new experience and a new level of growth within.

Tanika Gray, a special friend and producer for CNN, and also the co-founder of The WHITE Dress Project; generously shared the power of your story and how to align with the media for expanded reach and exposure.  While many professionals desire to partner with media outlets to garner support for a cause near and dear to their hearts; without the proper protocol and elements in place, it can feel like you are climbing an uphill battle. When experienced veterans are willing to share exact steps and procedures that should be considered to save you time, money, and frustration…that is beyond powerful, it’s truly a gift.

It is my hope and desire that each of us will be further empowered to share the knowledge that we have with others. Many times people in the consulting industry are turned off when someone asks, “CAN I PICK YOUR BRAIN”, because it has literally taken years to acquire the knowledge. However, as a servant leader, I am no longer turned off by it and rely solely on my intuition and know-how to draw on healthy boundaries that allow me to share, heal, and serve others, without a feeling of obligation or resentment. It is important that each of us first understand the VALUE of the knowledge in which we possess, and secondly know how and when to use it. Choosing to share, give, and serve, when done from a place of obedience and genuine concern can open doors so wide that they cannot be measured.

I encourage each of you to celebrate the knowledge that you have inside of your heart and mind and ask if you are truly maximizing your potential and embracing the power that it carries within. When we pass away and leave this earth, we take everything that is within us to no longer be shared with others. What would life be like if we were intentional about living in such a way that we would try to empty our minds constantly in order to be renewed and refilled with a new experience by passing it along to someone else? Whether you choose to package your information within your platform, become a spokesperson for a cause you so passionately believe in, or start your own blog or website; you have the power to become a vessel. I once heard a quote that stated, “We are rewarded on the level of the difference we make in the world.” What is so beautiful about this quote is that the choice to serve is literally in our hands.

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