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Leadership Summit Thoughts From The Heart Day Four


Ask every leader in the room what faith is and you will get a different response. Faith cannot be defined; yet it can determine how we flow, trust, and move along the journey of life. As we sat and listened to each speaker at the Summit, we heard countless examples of living and moving by faith while trusting that the outcome would be worth the sacrifice.
After reflecting on the Summit and the power that was witnessed in the room, my wish for many of them was simply MORE FAITH. Not just faith alone, but faith with works. Faith with the same level of action and commitment that we have given to others for years. Faith and works that our dreams and our desires are worthy of the unwavering ability to show up day after day and year after year. Why do we disregard or delay our precious instructions, yet remain resilient in the day to day routine of survival? Faith requires us to trust that a new decision will lead to a new path. When I was laid off in 2009 and offered a relocation package, it was faith that told me to give myself a shot for once. An “all-in with both feet” type of shot was what was required. Faith was a knowing within, without a tangible promise to measure or hold.

Many times we hear people profess their faith yet remain stuck in fear. Can the two coexist? Is it that we have faith that all things will work for our good, but are too fearful to push past what we can see? Is that faith or comfort? Is that truly faith or simply positive thinking? What truly separates optimism from faith? Is it our actions? If so, do our actions truly exemplify our faith? Could those around us see an example of our level of faith based on the decisions we make and actions we take daily? If we never expressed our faith verbally, would your faith be evident?

As I reflected on the intimate conversations that I had with the leaders, many were afraid to try. Yet, would be the first to defend a cause or support someone else’s project. These qualities are quite admirable in my book, but my question is, how can we be true servant leaders with the courage to display our faith through our actions on a level that very few words are necessary? Who are others to follow without bold leaders who are willing to rise imperfectly, yet obediently?
As we give thanks to those we love and celebrate our faith, it is my hope that our faith will be more deeply displayed in our actions and our decisions to inspire others to do the same. 

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