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Leadership Summit Thoughts From The Heart Day Six


Day two of the Leadership Summit kicked off with an intense core barre fitness class at Exhale Spa and a group excursion to SkyView Atlanta. We thought this was the perfect experience to cap off our NEW VIEW 2016 theme for Intentional Leadership and Intentional Living.
SkyView Atlanta gives you a one-of-a-kind, thrilling look at Atlanta from atop a 200-foot-tall Ferris wheel in luxurious, climate-controlled gondolas circling high above Centennial Olympic Park. Many of the leaders were excited UNTIL we arrived and they were standing face to face with the Ferris wheel.
“I’ve never ridden a Ferris wheel before”, stated Maria.  “OMG, I’m afraid of heights”, “What if we get stuck?”, and “I may just stand here and watch”; were a few of thoughts expressed amongst the group. FEAR of what could go wrong overtook their thoughts. The confidence of those who responded just as strongly with, “OMG, you will love the view!”; “It’s going to be so much fun!”, “The view is priceless”; seemed to balance out the anxiety a bit.
As we waited to board, we each shared revelations from the weekend and personal commitments to our journey. As each person shared their heart, we were slowly but surely becoming one. No one would be left behind because the ride was symbolic of our weekend together. Those who were a bit hesitant coupled up with a leader who reassured them and was eager to ride.
This thought and observation made me think of the power of accountability. How many times are we afraid of the unknown? Yet, if only someone was willing to say, “Hey you will be fine”, “Give it a shot”, “You will do great”…we would all be able to overcome that fear.
I’ve been that cheerleader for friends, family, clients and strangers many times and have had the pleasure of seeing many birds fly out of the nest, so to speak. What made this so powerful is that each leader did this for each other, effortlessly…because we were one. It wasn’t just about a few of us experiencing the view. It was about all of us rising together, and supporting each other. If one was going down, we were all going down.
The fear factor did not GO AWAY, its power was simply overshadowed by the strength and COURAGE from the group. Many times we hear the phrase, ‘do it afraid’. I love this particular phrase better than ‘fear is false’. I believe that people truly do experience FEAR. I just feel that we must know and train ourselves to shift our minds and tap into something GREATER. Many times the people around us can play a huge role in our courage and what is reflected back to us. It is our responsibility to be intentional about that circle of support and influence. FEAR can shrink and again be overshadowed with the right words, thoughts, and BELIEF that you deserve the experience more than regret.
As we slowly rose to the top of the SkyView, Varian and I smiled at the view. We happened to be placed in the same car together alone and enjoyed every bit of it. As two leaders who were not afraid, it was funny that we still got a few butterflies when we looked down. The view from that level made everything look so much smaller, yet the potential fall seemed so great. Varian said, “Tierra the trick is not to look down”. I felt that if I didn’t look down I would be missing part of the experience in the view. I knew we were in the air, and I wanted to see it all, so I consciously took a deep breath and pushed past the butterflies. Before I knew it we were headed back down and still smiling and enjoying our conversation.
How many times does fear rob us of the moment once we have already taken the second step? How many times does fear rob us of the moment once we have decided to trust again? How many times does fear shrink the experience after we have sacrificed for years and our blessings are literally staring us in the face? How many times will FEAR overshadow our worth, when we look in the mirror and constantly ask, ‘AM I ENOUGH’?
The Leadership Summit was like an onion with many layers of emotions, revelations, breakthroughs, and divine connections that simply couldn’t be expressed in one post. Many times fear will tell us to follow the crowd, rush the moment, move on to the next thing; but this time FEAR is taking a back seat to INTENTIONAL EXCELLENCE. I hope those of you who are following this series will have the courage to embrace your NEW VIEW and dig deep within to rise into your greater purpose. Don’t get caught up in the quantity but rather the quality of the experiences that you can create in your journey for yourself and others around you. For the first time, I am embracing an intentional pause to truly birth thoughts and spiritual lessons that will hopefully bless someone who could not join us this time around.
Fear only has the power we give it. It starts in the mind. Imagine life where we were brave enough to ask ‘WHY’ at least 5 times. It’s amazing what we would get to.
For those who have never done this, here is a little trick that the over thinkers and curious cats like to do…
I am procrastinating.
Because I’m afraid.
Because I don’t want to change careers.
Because I will have to start over.
Because my current job has nothing to do with what I wish I was doing.
Because I wanted security.
Because I was taught growing up that I needed to get a good job.
This exercise leads you to your truth. Once you begin to dismantle FEAR and get to the root, you are now equipped to make a new decision. You are NOW in control of today instead of making decisions based on your past.
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