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Leadership Summit Thoughts From The Heart Day Three


When I think of TRUST, I think of an invisible cord that is so powerful it can anchor a huge cruise ship during a raging storm, yet so delicate it can be shattered as easily as a raw egg. Think about it…what is a relationship without trust? Trust far exceeds any titles. Do you trust all of your family members because they are your family? Have you trusted every boss, even though they are paid to protect the team and vision of the organization at all times? Have you trusted all friends in all seasons of life; or were there times that trust shifted, trust was broken, fractured, and caused pain?

Over the years I have personally struggled with trust. Immensely. Why? First, because it starts in our childhood. Secondly, because as we are trying to figure out life, we experience times of betrayal, pain, and unmet needs and expectations. Thankfully, the time during my pause led me to another layer of personal power. I gained the power of compassion towards that pain, the power of compassion towards my mistakes and other’s mistakes, and the grace to flow into the future and cut that anchor from the past. What this means is that when those moments of doubt, fear, and pain rear their ugly heads, I have been equipped with the power of mental shifting. I am able to recognize fear and recognize those ugly critters that can prevent all of us from trusting again.
As each leader arrived at the Leadership Summit, I saw that although some of us had heavy hearts, self-doubt, or even doubt in their faith at that time; we all were willing to trust.  We all were willing to trust this process, the moment, and to trust that each of us was meant to come together for something greater. GREATER was indeed the outcome! Rose, so bravely spoke of her anger towards God for the death of Madison. Maria so bravely shared intimate stories of being the wife of a recovered addict, who is now the love of her life, despite the trials they faced. Lorea so courageously shared publicly her struggle with unworthiness from time to time, although she is the chief creator of the growing movement “Unlearning Unworthiness”. I shared with her that we are given the messages that God needs us to never forget for ourselves as we share it with others. Take me for instance…”The Power of Peace in a Pause”, was my first book with a message that I know for a fact, I will continue to draw from for the rest of my life. When you are a visionary in the trenches, you are always in motion, always building, always creating, and constantly growing by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, if you aren’t equipped with the wisdom to remain conscious of the indicators of when to pause; the vision can’t continue. Divinely, the book will appear in my trunk, I’ll notice it on my end table, it’s a part of the work I look at daily, so guess what?...I can NEVER forget to pay attention and ask myself repeatedly if I need to pause.

Pausing after the Leadership Summit is what birthed this seven day series. It was the decision to not jump right on Periscope, Facebook, and IG to blast, blast, blast; but to sit, to reflect, to embrace, and to honor the sacredness of what had just taken place.
Sometimes, trusting the process is being willing to go left when everyone else is going right. It means sacrificing when you can’t see or guarantee the outcome. Trust is courage. It takes faith to trust again after being hurt. I have navigated the waters of divorce and separation while actively transforming myself and while many would be too broken to love, let alone, trust again. I have truly embraced the entire process and TRUSTING that God has lead me to more of the truth! The essence of my core is as a child of God who will continue to attract Godly things and experiences. If I can trust again, so can you. What I admire about so many of the women who shared the Summit with us, is that even in our transitions, we were able to share how we navigated a similar bridge while reaching for new tools to cross the current bridge we are on.
Everyone could have shown up as if life was perfect, but instead we fought to get in the room and were vulnerable enough to share our trials and resources to help another leader rise into her essence.

Trusting is one of the hardest things for me to do. I give from such a deep place; but I had to realize that there is power in that, and we don’t have to worry about protecting ourselves because GOD is our protector. Had I not trusted God, there would not have been a Summit because for the first time, I couldn’t do it MY WAY. It was either going to be God’s way, in the short time given to execute with instruction to my spirit, or not at all. At first I noticed all the things I wished was different, like more branding collateral for instance, but as each leader arrived, and shared her essence, I felt somewhat embarrassed with the level of priority I had placed on the tangible “logistics”. Focusing on the power of obedience and trusting that God simply needed me to create the platform and appointment for the meeting of great hearts, allowed me to RISE into yet a deeper level of trust. There is no telling what I’ll try now! It’s a powerful thing to love again, to trust again, to try again, to forge ahead again, to rise again, to believe again, and to reach for help again…because one thing is for sure….today is not the same as yesterday and it definitely can’t define tomorrow, so choosing to trust today could be the path that leads to your greater because with each new day comes new conversations, new thoughts, new experiences, and a new life. Are you willing to trust on a radical level and choose a NEW VIEW?
Share your thoughts with me below. I will be waiting to see if anyone is actually reading this because for the first time, I am moving on a deeper level of obedience and being still long enough to share the thoughts that I have buried deep inside for years, in hopes that your words could encourage me as well. I’m trusting the process and thankfully you are a part of mine as well. 

With Love,


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