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"The beautiful thing about living your truth is that there is no right or wrong. It's your truth. How you express it is where the choice comes in to play."




TDR Brands International spotlights Power Moms who show inner strength and courage, while simultaneously loving and nurturing family, during the pursuit of their dreams.

Tierra Destiny Reid:  Please give us a brief recap of your career. 
Leslie Briscoe:  I have spent my career in retail management – 25 years!  Whew!  I began as an assistant buyer and am currently a senior buyer with Carters Inc. (Oshkosh and Carters Kids Apparel). I have held various positions in retail: store manager/gm, associate buyer, planner, department manager, merchandise team manager, consultant etc. I have worked for both department and specialty stores including Macy’s, May Company, American Eagle, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Belk.

TDR:  What is your current mission?  
LB:  To be the best me I can be.  I know that if I am not happy and whole that I cannot be good to my family or in my work.  Being authentically who I was built and designed to be is crucial – I believe we walk in our truest grace when we are doing what we were born to do. I also believe that our children emulate us and I have a munchkin walking in my footsteps.

TDR:  How many children do you have? What are their ages? 
LB:  I have one amazing 9 year old princess named Gabrielle Renee.  I also have 2 awesome godsons (23 and 18) and 4 beautiful niece princesses who, I take responsibility for as well.

TDR:  How are you juggling your passion with parenthood? 
LB:  I have a passion for youth, particularly girls so that gaggle of girls in my family is a blessing.  I know I can directly impact the lives of my daughter and nieces on a daily basis.  My other passion is women and event planning.  I am able to dabble in it here or there because my family and friends usually reach out to me for events, gift ideas, etc., but it’s not formal. I also enjoy lifting others – I am naturally an “up” person and the joy I used to think was odd I now know is a gift from above.  He’s put me here to uplift and motivate others.  I easily relate to others and can see things many people miss – very perceptive.  It helps me bring out the best in people both in the workplace and personally.

TDR:  What are some of the things you struggle with that would surprise other people?  
LB:  One of my struggles is saying ‘no’.  I am a pleaser and it brings me joy to make others happy.  Sometimes though I do this at the jeopardy of myself.  I love to see other people happy and doing for others (caregiver at heart) feeds my soul but I have to be careful….it’s easy to get burned and for others to mistake my kindness for weakness.  It’s a lifelong battle that I work on daily.

TDR:  How do you overcome those struggles? 
LB:  The #1 thing is recognizing you have the issue – that is ½ the battle.  I am winning more than I am losing (today anyway) and when I do fall down I don’t beat myself up over it, I just try and do better the next go around.  I have also learned to be more vocal when I am disappointed or unhappy I share it.  I am candid/honest even if painful.  That has helped tremendously.  I no longer hold onto things.  I release them and move on.   I also do not do anything without praying about it first.  I have strong instincts and need to follow them more.  God has gifted me with it I just don’t always want to see people and things for who and what they are.

TDR:  What would be your greatest advice for other Power Moms wanting to follow their dreams? 
LB:  Doing what makes you happiest will inevitably make those around you happy.  Your children need to see you being good to yourself.  It helps them see and understand how they too deserve to be treated.  I want my daughter to be/do whatever her heart desires so I never say “can’t” – she knows that word is not allowed in our house!  “We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us”.  Our children emulate what they see so remember you are their mirror.  Mom’s are really superheroes who wear a plethora of capes – it just depends on the situation! 

TDR:  What are 2 resources that you use to help you stay motivated? 
LB: Prayer, good music (Gospel and R&B), and journaling

TDR:  What is your favorite way to ‘Pause’?     
LB:  I love pampering of any kind; but massages, facials and mani/pedis are my favs.  A pedi after a long week (solo or with my mom, sister, daughter and nieces) is a joy.  Quiet time is also a guilty pleasure.  I have very little of it so having a quiet house when I can unwind, read or journal is good for my soul. I can also spend hours at the bookstore!

TDR:  What is your favorite quote? 
LB:  Oh my – I have soooooooooo many but here is one “life is the greatest of all statements…make sure yours speaks volumes…..”

TDR: What has been the scariest moment or crossroad in your journey?  
LB: The end of 2008…beginning of 2009.  I made the decision to separate from my now ex-husband.  I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do, not only for me but for my daughter.  The weight of the responsibility for everything was daunting at times, but even more-so when I found out my company was relocating and my job would be eliminated in early 2009.  At that point, it was imperative I get a job and not just any job but one paying me what I was making or more because, my ex decided he’d leave me with all of the financial responsibility we had once shared. Many sleepless nights, but God…

TDR: What word best describes the seed or legacy that you want to leave for your children? 
LB: Faith.

TDR:  Why do you choose this particular word?
LB: I would be nowhere without it.
TDR: How do you support other mothers and women today? 
LB: I don’t have a formal way of reaching others right now.  I send a lot of inspirational emails to groups of women that I think will benefit from it.  Many of them come from my own personal experiences and/or devotionals or books I may be reading.

TDR: How can others collaborate or support your mission? 
LB: I hope to be working on a platform soon (website and/or blog) so that I can reach a broader audience.  I realize that sharing your story truly does help others.  People are always shocked by many of the battles I have overcome.  #Fearless!


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