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Living Vs Existing

Living Vs Existing

"You haven't lived until you have learned to breathe." I was driving to the office one day when I heard this saying in my spirit. I begin to ponder on it and it brought tears to my eyes. The first image that I could see was when a baby is first born.

Pregnancy doesn't equate living, it is merely the anticipation of life. How many of us can recall and reflect on being "pregnant or pregnant with something"? To be pregnant with something, means that we are holding something that is so dear that has yet to be birthed, nurtured and matured. That's how it is with your dreams, visions and desires. But it's just conception until we give birth to it and it has life blown into it.

I want to take a minute to look at the how something has the potential to live or to exist. Anything living is thriving, growing, and maturing. Anything that is just existing is lingering, barely surviving. Many of us can possibly find ourselves in one or the other and have at some point in life. Life has a way of causing some people to just exist, mean you are lingering. Sometimes many don't even know they are just existing. It's a normalcy to them. How can one just be existing?

Easy! Focused more on survival than creating substance. For some that's all we know. We believe that there's no more options or very few options. Ok, so that's the hand you were dealt? Then let's change the card game that you're playing. Instead of playing Go fish, let's play Solitaire. Increase your leverage and change your strategies and influencers. People with different mindsets play Solitaire from those who play Go Fish. That's a different discussion. Existing! You want to start the business but you're lingering at "I thought about it". You want to get married but when it comes to trust you say "I don't know if I will find the right one". You want to travel and your words are "but the bills have more frequent flyer miles than I do". You get the picture?

That's existing because what should feel like life feels like exhaustion, as if life is being drained from you. At some point in life you have to take your decisions and direction by the horns and create a space to live and not just exist. There's a saying that says "Surely I was born to do more than work and pay bills". That is so true. So how do I live and not just exist? I am glad you asked. The key is to learn to breathe!!! Inhale and exhale. You haven't lived until you have learned to breathe. Anything living is breathing. That's why it's so important that babies cry when existing the womb and into the world. That cry clears the lungs and that cry denotes breathing; which confirms that the baby is living!!

You may need to cry to clear your lungs. It's ok! There's Kleenex for baby tears as well as adult tears. Crying is normal, pride is unhealthy. But once you've cleared your lungs and wiped your tears, it's time to Live and not just exist. Give that vision, life; that relationship, life; that ministry, life; your family, life; and so much more. So it failed before. No it didn't fail, that strategy just was befitting for that plan.

Try again! It's time to get rid of or walk away from what's not giving YOU life. Whatever isn't giving life is lingering and you can't afford to linger. Be mindful of your environment, it may not be conducive to positive living. Toxic environment and connections give off toxic air; which is more fatal and worse than second hand smoke. For those who feel like they have passed slap out due to past trauma(s), that have caused you to stop breathing, today we administer CPR to you. We are our sisters and brothers keeper. You will live again. You were create for so much more. Inhale. Exhale. Live the life that's worth living.

- Melody Joy

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