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"The beautiful thing about living your truth is that there is no right or wrong. It's your truth. How you express it is where the choice comes in to play."



New You...Old Ways

New You...Old Ways

Many make New Year's Resolutions or New Years Resolutions. Pay attention to the grammar and punctuation on the word Year. The reason why I did that is because some resolutions rollover to the next year or season and are not specified to one particular season. This won't be a long blog because it's not a subject matter that should take a lot of time. People often order drinks "straight no chaser", well we should accept coaching or correction the same way. I often tell people, facts are easier to accept than truth is. Why?

I'm glad you asked. Facts are challenging and Truth is confrontational. You know it's true. People can handle what seems to be facts but truth makes you make some decisions. Say for instance, a person who is diabetic can handle that the large amounts of sugar places them in danger of a diabetic coma, but the truth is they must discontinue the consumption of sugar.

The thought of letting go is what paralyzes the individual. They are already thinking of ways to compensate sugar in their life. They'll try sugar substitutes, limited amount of sugar, take extra medicine and so forth instead of just getting rid of the sugar. We do our hearts, spirits, purpose, business and relationships the same way. Instead of getting rid of the thing that is causing us harm, we find ways to fit it in or we find substitutes. Fact is it's harmful, truth is I have to get rid of it in order to better. We are desiring to go into 2016 with new expectations, but we failed to get rid of the things and people that could possibly cause us to miss out on some great things and opportunities. We revamp our vision boards but with old mindsets.

Many just changed the pictures but the way to achieve what we believe we see for ourselves, is old. If you are going to get anything that you have never had before, you're going to have to do something you've never done before. You can't put new wine in old wine skins. Its capacity to hold, its potency, and power isn't strong enough. So, I admonish you that if you're going to declare to be a New You in seasons to come, you have to remove and detach from old ways. Fact is you're not a bad person, but the truth is what you've been doing is no longer working for who you're desiring to become. There is so much greatness on the inside of you and what's to come is far exceeding greater. Learn to forgive yourself and don't be afraid to try.

Budget, track spending and create a savings for what you desire to do. Spend more time developing your gifts, integrity and character. Revisit your core values and have an accountability partner. Say I need you and I love you more often. Laugh, dance, and relax. The only thing that should roll over from year to year are vacation days, not bad thoughts, strategies or habits. I'm guilty of it too. I say if the majority has tried it and IT (whatever IT may be) hasn't work, be the minority that will dare to be different in order to get different results. Dare to be different and different is daring but it's undeniably ok to be so. 

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