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Oprah Winfrey Blew My Mind

What do you believe?

The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. The lights, the cozy fireplace, food, friends, family and memories…Yeah! It seems that the memories created this time of the year seem to carry so much substance. I guess the gathering around with food without the need to rush back to work the next morning, allows this time to strengthen bonds that may have weakened throughout the year.

During Oprah’s BELIEF series last month, many people held ‘Breaking Bread’ watch parties. Food is a universal connector. After sharing that special moment with Oprah here in Atlanta for her premier, I sat and reflected on it. It’s taken quite some time to process. I mean only the power of God could put me in a living room off of Capital Avenue with Oprah Winfrey and new friends that welcomed me like family. Everyone was so open, joyous, and eager to share the experience of BELIEF. Even with our differences, we still asked ourselves, what do I believe?

The episode explored different dynamics of BELIEF systems and included stories of those seeking to define their faith, those in the midst of life changes and spiritual belief changes, and also reveals inspirational stories of how different cultures actually practice the faith they profess.

During the week of the documentary, I was invited to host two local screenings; one at Georgia State University and the other at Georgia Perimeter College, both in conjunction with the Outlet College Ministry. The dialogue from the students and the community were riveting and full of passion. The conversation became emotional at times, as viewers expressed a feeling of deep conviction and others an overwhelming love for their faith. The stories ignited several pockets of mental, spiritual, and emotional moments of transformation and connection.
This year, as I intentionally took time away from the rush of the holiday to reflect on new levels and have a moment of gratitude, BELIEF came to my heart. I have always looked up to Oprah, but I never imagined that we would share moments like this…NEVER EVER. To be honest, it was simply my dream to thank her in person. However, God has had a much bigger plan in store and I see that God can dream a bigger dream. Gratitude allows us to truly transform our mind from what may be going wrong or may be disappointing in our lives, to the power of our process. To surrender full control to the journey and trust that moments of pure bliss and serenity are possible, is a powerful mental state of mind. Before Oprah showed up on October 18th to surprise us for the premier, I used to say ‘OMG THIS FEELS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE’. I never really understood the power of those words; it’s like saying that if things exceed a certain level of goodness, then it felt unreal, as if reality is supposed to be “average” or full of disappointments.
What’s really crazy is that EXACTLY three years ago at the EXACT same time, I was with Oprah in L.A. at a GRATITUDE luncheon she hosted for OWN Ambassadors. I remember thinking constantly, this is too good to be true. When she came and sat next to me, all I could do was beam from ear-to-ear and pray I didn’t embarrass myself. While I have been blessed to share moments with her since then; at the SELMA MOVIE and MARCH in Selma (a sacred space and place, that can’t be described) and at the BELIEF premier actually laughing, dancing, and taking selfies with her. To experience the power of BELIEF, to hear the stories of each person and family that was so gracious to share during the series; with OPRAH herself who self-funded this project and spent the last three years nurturing, BLEW MY MIND! 
I guess you would truly have to understand all that was relinquished during my personal surrendering over the last three years. It was like complete alignment and DIVINE timing. It was bigger than all of us. It was a GOD WINK! OMG! How can we NOT BELIEVE?
If you missed the series, which is super powerful and liberating, OWN has decided to sell it on DVD. I think it’s an awesome gift for someone you love or for yourself. In the meantime, I hope that you too will consider shifting from ‘TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE’, to embracing and expecting miracles. I feel like I am in a supernatural chapter of my life, and I know these experiences begin in the mind.
We can only embrace and live the life we expect and feel we are worthy of living, or we will find a way to ruin it or push it away.
Embrace your worth, your essence, your value, and honor whatever you believe in your heart; then watch more of it come rushing your way.
With love, honor, and gratitude…

Happy Holidays

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