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"The beautiful thing about living your truth is that there is no right or wrong. It's your truth. How you express it is where the choice comes in to play."



Purpose To The 5th Power


Purpose To The 5th Power

As "Finding Purpose" has become the trending factor across the world; so many are engaged in finding their purpose or assisting others in finding their purpose. The truth is purpose was never lost, our way was. The reason I say that is because we were born with a purpose and it was left up to those who were molding us to help us understand who we are and to point us in the right direction. Often times we grew up as children hearing "You're a child you don't have a say so" or "Stay in a child's place". I believe that had we been molded differently, operating in our purpose wouldn't have been such a challenge. We lost our way because we were groomed and shaped into thinking how someone else thought we should. Our purpose was already in course the day we inhaled and exhaled. That's why I say it's not about finding purpose but about finding self. When it comes to purpose, purpose is a powerful things. I like to call it Purpose to the 5th Power.  
Here are the 5 powerful points to purpose.  
•A purpose will motivate you. 
•A purpose will keep your priorities straight. 
•A purpose will develop your potential. 
•A purpose will give you power to live in the present. 
•A purpose will help you evaluate your progress. 
(Excerpt from The Maxwell Leadership Bible) 
Once self-discovery is there and purpose has it's free course, you can look forward to 5 powerful encounters to purpose that are sure to take you beyond you're preconceived thoughts of how to live out your purpose. Once you know who you are, serving others becomes easier and more rewarding to do and you can rest assure that purpose will operate in the 5th power. The number 5 signifies grace, meaning you find joy, favor, ability and fulfillment; you will have the grace to be and do who you were originally created and chosen to do before it became contaminated. Go and be great…there are more counting on you than against you. The world awaits you. 

- Melody Joy

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