"The beautiful thing about living your truth is that there is no right or wrong. It's your truth. How you express it is where the choice comes in to play."



Put On Some New Genes!

Put On Some New Genes! 

As children we come into this world just as innocent as we can be. As our characteristics and traits start to develop people may see things we do that remind them of our mother or things that will remind them of our father. I have someone in my life that comes from a family of bi-polar disorder he constantly states he is not bi-polar. He does not want to be associated with the disorder. He is choosing to put on new GENES.

Just because his family line is associated and impacted by this disorder he is making better choices and decisions with his life. Life is all about making good choices and decisions because the choices affect our future, not to mention what or who is connected to our future. Diminish the infamous character or conduct that may have been passed on through your GENES. When you take authority over your life and learn to walk in your new GENES the overall life for the next set of family members can take a different route than the previous family members.

After a conversation with a close friend we realized the patterns that are currently in her life and I brought it to her attention that she must end it now. She must put on her new GENES because she has a daughter that may take the pattern and continue to build a quilt out of it. When you make the final say to ending the relationship with the old GENES and you put on the new GENES they will have a much better fit, cut and they will look good on you.

So stop what you are doing and look at your GENES....DO YOU NEED TO PUT ON SOME NEW GENES?

- Keshea Way

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