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Meet Santasia Hill

TDR Brands International spotlights Power Moms who show inner strength and courage, while simultaneously loving and nurturing family, during the pursuit of their dreams.

TDR: Please give us a brief recap of your career. 

Santasia Hill:  I have been in the healthcare field over a decade. I began as a medical assistant in Pediatrics. I am currently a supervisor for a Metro Atlanta Dermatology office. I have held various position with healthcare management in both the clinical and business as care manager, site supervisor and office manager.

TDR:  Tell us about your children.

SH:  I have an outspoken 6 year old princess named Kaleigh; that keeps me on my toes.

TDR:  How are you juggling your passion with the responsibilities of parenthood?

SH:  I have to admit I use to try to do everything that sometimes comes with being a mom. But my family is an amazing support system. My mom is a tremendous help through everything. Another thing that helps me is prioritizing and organizing as much as possible. I put everything in my phone and calendar. For me staying organized is the only way to remain sane while juggling parenthood and everyday life.

TDR:  What are some of your struggles and how do you work to overcome them?

SH:  The feeling of wasting time and trying to find the perfect work- life balance. I had to learn to be patient and know that achieving success doesn't have a timeframe. No matter how fast I want to progress.

TDR:  What are 2 resources you use to help you stay motivated?

SH:  Prayer and talking with others. Everyone we meet has a story that can motivate in some way.

TDR:  What is your favorite way to pause?

SH:  Quiet R&R, movies, and massages.

TDR:  What has been the scariest moment or crossroad in your journey?

SH:  Remaining in an uncomfortable comfort zone knowing it was time to walk away and follow my dreams; but not knowing where and when to start but knowing that I must start.

TDR:  What would be your greatest advice to other "Power Moms" wanting to pursue their dreams?

SH:  Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.

TDR:  What word best describes the legacy you want to leave for your children and why? 

SH:  Faith - It makes everything possible.

TDR:  How can others collaborate and support your mission?

SH:  Communicate your vision and share your story it can make a difference for someone.


Connect with Santasia:

Instagram - I_am_candihill


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