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"The beautiful thing about living your truth is that there is no right or wrong. It's your truth. How you express it is where the choice comes in to play."




Tradition vs. Entrepreneurship

Tradition states that we have to go to school and earn our college degree so that we can then pursue the thought of getting married and raising a family along with living in a house on the hill.

As we know, times have changed tremendously!

The only thing is... We've changed our thinking!

We are looking to kick that 9 to 5 job to the side and run full-fledged towards our dreams. While we feel strongly that we're making the correct decisions, there's always the person that's close to us discouraging us with their negative "What If?" So then we start to think "What if, I can't pay my bills, I lose my house, my car, and most of the loss of income that I already receive at work?”

I'm here to say that it's all true...depending on our grind. If we keep thinking negative, we will receive negative results.

In order to bypass the naysayers, we have to find ourselves a good business network of people. I find myself so excited to speak with other entrepreneurs because they kick my passion to thrive into overdrive. They get it! They get the struggle! Rest assured that everyone that we'll meet on our journey, will instill tidbits of value and experience to our burning desire to become successful. This will alleviate the sharing of information with the people that are traditionally driven.

I also wanted to touch on significant others that totally don't see or believe in our vision. We must realize that it is our vision and not theirs. We can't expect them to get it but we can show them a visual. Otherwise, we can find what motivates us best and gravitate to it when we're not so motivated. Accept change and consistently fine tune your business model if things don't seem to pan out how you want them to. Find a BBF (business best friend) and ask for direction. I have been really grateful for all of the people (including you ladies) that gave me guidance on moving forward after what could have been failure. They were also open to sharing helpful information with me.

Keep your head up and your ears open to new opportunity. Stay prepared because you never know who you're speaking with.

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