Tierra Destiny Reid







"The beautiful thing about living your truth is that there is no right or wrong. It's your truth. How you express it is where the choice comes in to play."




Yes! A moment is just as powerful as a plan...a life is birthed in a moment and a life can be taken in a moment. You need both in order to understand the power of embracing significant moments of unity that are desperately needed, and the sustainability of a plan that takes consistent time and effort. Don't minimize one for the other, because they work together for those willing to see the entire scope of change.

People must feel and see hope sometimes once it has been stripped away. Who are we to minimize restoring hope so that people can muster up the desire to keep showing up at the polls, keep feeling like their money matters, keep holding their local education and police system accountable? Do you know how many people have gone numb?

 People who do NOT need you to tell them to do these things went numb this week so don't assume that we think a rally creates change... It sparks it... IT REVITALIZES IT! Don't minimize efforts and feed into divisive mindsets and conversations. BE THE CHANGE... 

For those who are parents, we know when our children are growing weary and we need them to push through towards the end of a project or test..right? Sometimes we have to remind them, show them, inspire them... That's what this did for me and 10,000 others. I have so much love for those who shared and came out! If my life can be used to change lives, yesterday definitely has revitalized my determination. I stand as one...but I come as 10,000. I can't stop reading the text messages that we had just 48 hours ago trying to pull this together. IT'S POSSIBLE! I LOVE YOU