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"The beautiful thing about living your truth is that there is no right or wrong. It's your truth. How you express it is where the choice comes in to play."



Meet Virginia Nava Hieger

Viginia Nava Hieger

TDR Brands International spotlights Power Moms who show inner strength and courage, while simultaneously loving and nurturing family, during the pursuit of their dreams.

TDR:  Please give us a brief recap of your career.

VNH:  I’m the CEO of Transformative Power, LLC. I released my Corporate Career of 15 years as a branding expert for corporate, Fortune 500 companies so that I can be the GIFT I was born to be. I help people free themselves from the label, box and wrapping, so that they can once again connect with the essence of their GIFT, the purpose they have been searching for in life. I also help people who have already connected with the essence of their GIFT and are living their life purpose, yet still seeking a way to share it with the world. These are entrepreneurs with a heart to transform the world around them, to do what they love; they are coaches, humanitarians, and changemakers who need to share their message with the world. I am privileged to help them do that.
I’ve created various methodologies for entrepreneurs with a heart, including the Why, the Why Yes vs. Why Not, and the Unique GIFT Proposition. As visionaries and entrepreneurs, we all need to find ways to teach others the why behind what we are doing so it doesn’t get lost, and so the message is very clear.
I also teach people to realize that being the CEO of a company starts within. When we struggle with expansion, sharing our message, or receiving value for our services, it’s an inside-out reflection. This is accomplished by sharing my own inner processes: Trusting intuition, finding the “guiding lights” to help us make good decisions, unmasking the moments of truth, leading with a “why” and letting the “how” become more in alignment with the why. Together, we discover the methodologies for inner alignment so that we become more confident in communicating our inner agreements with the world. We do this so that we can receive an exchange for our services and products that it is in truth and alignment with who we are. We often think we may need more support, but even when we receive it, we have to be willing to show up in a expanded version of who we are. To own the transformative power of our GIFTs, to step into our own inner leadership, this is what differentiates the IMPACTful leader versus a successful one. A successful leader accomplishes and achieves, while an IMPACTful leader serves.

TDR:  Tell us about your children.

VNH:  I have a two-year-old son.

TDR:  How are you juggling your passion with the responsibilities of parenthood?

VNH:  I’ve found parenting to be one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I often say that parenting is stretching, while my personal transformation was at my own pace and rhythm; my parenting transformation is immediate and happening in real time. Just as you graduate from one phase, here comes a new one. It’s a constant process of learning, growing and stretching.
The challenge for me has been to adopt a new mindset, one that’s full of the possibilities and GIFTs that parenting brings. A new perspective of what I can accomplish on my own, an openness to vulnerability, and willingness to ask others to help and support me. I can no longer do everything on my own, because if I do, there’s a price to pay in terms of my health and the growth of my business. The realization that I can grow my business as much as I am willing to trust and accept help from others, is so humbling. 
I think business and parenting have a lot in common. At so many crossroads in parenting, there are a lot of new experiences and circumstances that you haven’t ever experienced before. The tools are available, yet you need to be willing to learn, ask questions, and know what your core values are in your business. Know what your parenting style is, and then research and let go of what doesn’t serve you or isn’t in alignment with you, and stay open to new possibilities as well as support from others. Both business and parenting have been an amazing opportunity for growth. Just recently, as I face the “two’s,” I read a book about toddlers that speaks to influence, and it was a reminder of how many times in my life I am influencing others positively, how much I am acknowledging them, or even simply thanking them for their efforts. Our life success really depends a lot on our ability to influence ourselves to move into the direction of our dreams as we collaborate with others.

TDR:  What are some of your struggles and how do you work to overcome them?

VNH:  Mostly, I’ve developed a new definition of time, applying a new value for it, and becoming more realistic about the time available for me to balance my goals with the IMPACT I want to create in the world.

TDR:  What are 2 resources you use to help you stay motivated?  

VNH:  What keeps me motivated is love. Reminding myself that God, the divine, already supports me, already loves me as I am, and that the only thing I need to do is to serve others and share. Remembering that I am always loved, even with my flaws and imperfections.
My spirit sisters and my wisdom council, they offer love, courage, and support. I am so grateful for their support and wisdom; it surrounds me with encouragement and love.
I am grateful for nature, its beauty and the vastness of the Universe.
And for my intuition.
And family. Women with wisdom in my life.

TDR:  What is your favorite way to pause?

VNH:  I pause by practicing love meditations. I love Agapi, she is amazing. In her meditation, she reminds you of all that is. 
I also do other meditations in divine love, divine abundance, and gratitude.
I participate in many practices for personal development, emotional maturity, and gracefulness. I use essential oils for relaxation, swim, walk on trails, play and grow, friendships that include lots of wonderful spiritual conversations. I also love to dance.
I read A Course in Miracles.
I think the most important for me is reminding myself that compassion is very important, and to continue practicing compassion for myself so I can best share it with others.

TDR:  What has been the scariest moment or crossroad in your journey? 

VNH:  The scariest moments are about my finances; I’ve released the safety of a paycheck and bonuses, and financially invested in my own business. I face resistance to trust everything to the Universe to provide for me, yet at the same time, it’s also about learning to trust, to let the fear fall away and the courage begin to win and in that moment is feeling safer and prosperous and abundant in ways I have not experienced before.

TDR:  What would be your greatest advice to other "Power Moms" wanting to pursue their dreams?

VNH:  GIFTED. The best GIFT you can give to the world is to be authentically yourself, with the courage to also be authentic about how you are inauthentic. It’s about living in a freedom that is sustained by purpose. As I became a mother, I explored the concept of the mom I wanted to be and realized that being a “stretched mom” was what I aspired for most. After a few months of trying to be a perfect mom, I realized I’d rather be a stretched mom, one who celebrates having brought a baby to life, while continuing to stretch and grow. I wanted to grow as much as my child, to enjoy the process of growing together.  If you want to live your dreams, you must be willing to keep growing beyond your self-imposed boundaries, because there’s magic in the stretching and growing. Becoming in closer alignment with your true self is the best gift we can give to others. Being willing to stretch and truly be yourself in a world that may not be willing to accept it. Taking on the risk because it will make your life better than before.  A movement I created called “Stretch Moms is about telling one another the truth, not only about the perfect days of motherhood, but also sharing the challenges and struggles while saying, “Hey, it’s ok to not be perfect, because we’re all human, so stretch yourself and learn that every day is a learning experience.”


TDR:  What word best describes the legacy you want to leave for your children and why?

VNH:  GIFTED. I want to leave the legacy for my child to be himself, to celebrate and share the GIFT that he is born to be. To question the world’s norms and ways of being, and find the answers from his spirit within. I have a heart desire for him to choose his life and to have the courage to be true to himself and live a life sustained by love and compassion. And I can only accomplish this by modeling it myself, constantly choosing to be true to myself, to serve with my GIFT and make a difference in the world. To choose IMPACT.

TDR:  How do you support or mothers and women today?

VNH:  I support mothers by being an authentic mom in both my friendships and community, sharing that it’s ok to let go of the “super-mom” cape and be a stretch mom instead.  I support women by helping them free themselves to be authentically who they were born to be. By giving them personal development resources, as well as messaging, branding and the methodologies to succeed, I offer them innovative practices that are in alignment with their true selves. These are purpose-driven, not cookie-cutter, methodologies, sustained by a strong and powerful inner “why,” an inner compass that leads their lives toward genuine IMPACT. I guide them to be the expanded self they long to be, in a purposeful, actionable way. I help them share it with others from the inside out.I lead transformative retreats on meaningful freedom.  One-on-one consulting and training. I am an author of two books and with a third book in the works. At a university, I train entrepreneurs in my new methodologies: Finding your “why,” your values and compass; relationships as a sustainable force; the metrics of IMPACT, and the Unique GIFT Proposition. I have a new program for women who want to share their voice with the world. It’s for women interested in developing larger platforms, and it’s a one-on-one program via invitation only. I help these women to release their authentic voices to the world. 

TDR:  How can others collaborate and support your mission?

VNH: Speaking engagements, book clubs and book leaders. Collaborating with other women to share my methodologies. Spreading the word. Editorial content for articles.  They can invite me to teach at their universities. I would love to teach a purpose-driven course for people to learn how to be their GIFTs.

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