Train with me as I build this program. 

A couple of weeks ago I did something that felt AMAZING! 

I trained over 500 servant leaders, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives who were looking to BUILD AND EXPAND THEIR OWN BRAND!

As an entrepreneur who has bootstrapped my brand with cash and no investors, I have had to learn from my mistakes quickly and begin to create unconventional methods to achieve success.  What this means is that I don't follow the "trends" and traditional methodology of brand building.

You won't find me on the next "hottest"  or "latest" bandwagon so to speak. I believe in KEEPING THINGS SIMPLE.

As a former corporate executive that supported and collaborated with hundreds of sales account executives and later began training entrepreneurs who were struggling with sales, I realize that even with a great product, brand, and resources, following traditional methods of a conventional pitch,  relying on a few PR mentions,  and spending hours creating written content and links were still leaving thousands of people BROKE!  YUP! BROKE!
Why? Because profit is simple but people are investing on marketing,  exposure,  and a quick fix formula without the mindset, mission, and FUNDAMENTAL STRUCTURE to succeed!  They get excited, packed down with too much information to implement , some relevant for their specific goal and some not, and are stuck trying to figure out how to piece it all together.

Or...They sit in training classes or boardroom meetings all week and write sales pitches, cold call, or become so focused on the transaction and daily sales goal that they can't figure out how to shift their team or themselves to make additional revenue or passive income on the side with all the information they have.

It has taken me over 20 years in sales, customer support, strategic planning, and over 7 years as a full time entrepreneur to truly understand why only 20% of startups were succeeding.  It's not because we are missing an industry "secret" or not working "hard" enough, it's because we overlook the obvious. We are also not taught to use what we already have, trust our unique life process, and learn how to apply to the products and programs we create.


If you are an account executive,  entrepreneur,  author, service provider, consultant, or servant leader with a solid product or advice, I would like to invite you to experience something unconventional.  

We are constantly growing, learning, and refining our process but there are core elements that separate authentic solutions and results from the hustle and bustle of traditional sales transactions.

Many people are either:

Too busy


Not operating lean enough to react to unexpected opportunities

Don't know what they are missing

Haven't learned how to package or repurpose all the "traditional" content and written advice they've spent hours writing from their soul or outsourcing

Haven't had corporate sales and marketing training to pull back on when repositioning for larger results or haven't been actually shown step by step how each passive revenue opportunity is created.


This hands on training will be 8 weeks (10 sessions long)! Yes! A true semester of training and implementing as we go. Each student will go behind the scenes with her products, program, and content to see how it is created, marketed, and uploaded to the site to generate revenue. She will also share how to use the content you ALREADY HAVE to build this so you aren't just starting from scratch.  


Live interactive trainings online

Behind the scenes access of TDR Brands' office and infrastructure

Step by step instructions on uploading, creating content, the design process, and tools that have helped us create thousands of dollars without the conventional methods of "SUCCESS". 

Instructions on creating a system that generates passive revenue


This program will be valued at $5995. It will later be priced and packaged at $1995.  However TDR has decided to train 100 live students free for the first two trainings and up to 400 students will receive the replay. 

The first two courses are free to make sure it's the right program for you and to make sure you can learn from TDR's random teaching style. If you decide to  invest in all 12 courses with TDR in this program as she builds this with you then there are 3 convenient payment options below. 


Option One: Pay In Full for $795  (Save $1200)

Option Two: 10 bi-weekly payments of $97 (Save $1025)

Option Three: 25 bi-weekly payments of $49 (Save $770) 



Tierra Destiny Reid is a grateful mother of two, and an innovative trailblazer in retail, entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment. The author of the revolutionary empowerment guide 'The Power of Peace in a Pause', Tierra is passionate about using her life lessons and gifts to inspire women around the world to pause and propel their way to authentic success, leadership, and service. 

Known for her unique mix of heart, accountability, and hard-driving business savvy, Tierra is the President of TDR Brands International and the visionary behind The Retail Campus, an emerging global resource for women with retail products and store fronts.  Her unconventional and inspirational approach has made her a sought out speaker and contributor for female-focused brands including Tory Johnson’s Spark & HustleLittle Pink BookWISE SymposiumBlogalicious, and theNational Association of Resale and Thrift Stores 25th Anniversary conference.  She has also been featured on Good Morning America Work Spot, Success Magazine, FOX, CBS, OWN TV promo for meditation series, covered the red carpet for O You in LA, and shared her feedback in O, The Oprah Magazine's, We Hear You column. Tierra is a proud Oprah Winfrey Network Ambassador and dreams of creating a non-profit for single mothers striving to also blaze trails while becoming their best selves along the way. Click here to view our company highlights from 2015.


  • Computer
  • Telephone
  • Internet Access


  • Headphones
  • Journal
  • Printer
  • Free  Account
  • Legal Pads, Planning Materials
  • Calculator


A confidentiality statement will be provided to all students. All sales are final and non-transferable. In the event of program cancellation a 30% cancellation fee will incur. A formal written notice of cancellation is required and should be faxed to 1.888.353.0899. In the event of an unforeseen hardship that impact participation the student will be provided access to all program materials, including recordings,  to take advantage of the program. 


Students are required to listen to all modules and complete the assignments according to deadlines communicated.  Live sessions will be recorded in case there is a scheduling conflict.


Each assignment is designed to provide you with a foundation for success. Please set aside time to give your undivided attention to your goals. 


You are responsible for listening to the lectures, reading the required materials, and understanding the materials presented. You are also responsible for asking questions and attending the scheduled calls. 


Prepare for lectures. Listen to the lectures in their entirety, and take notes.  Take the time to complete assignments with the best of your ability, and submit them on time. 

Questions and concerns?

Contact a member from our team at 1.888.353.0899 Ext 5.