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Find out how we developed rock star team members for increased results



In this program TDR Brands International is partnering with our friend Delmar Johnson to help you build a rock star team on a budget. In 2009 TDR was laid off and one of her best decisions was deciding that she needed help, and understanding who and what she needed. In this program TDR and Delmar Johnson will give insight on how to create internship programs, hiring contractors and employees, learning when to hire and fire, and how to streamline processes for increased results. This program will help you streamline the process, and save money and time. If you are small business or startup, or bootstrapping alone this is the training for you. 


Entrepreneurs, start ups, and bootstrappers who need help building their rock star team on a budget.


4 Weekly Tele-Courses taught by TDR and Delmar Johnson

Sundays at 8:00 PM EST Starting July 31

All courses will be recorded. 


4 Live Weekly Training & Development with TDR and Delmar Johnson

Highly interactive virtual training and development sessions with TDR & Delmar Johnson

Unlimited Weekly Email Access

TDR's recommended NDA agreement and free lance contractor agreement for future use

Access to over 28 of Delmar's recommended hiring documents and resources for your convenience

Team recruiting and team building support



Must have tools for building your team on a shoestring budget

How to select team members and 3 things to avoid during the process

The difference between interns, contractors and employees

 5 painful lessons TDR learned when selecting and hiring interns, contractors, and employees

How to build the team of your dreams, and get results




 One time payment Early Bird Rate of $399 (Save $101) or Extended payment plan of 10 payments of $50

*If you are interested in the extended payment plan you can choose to make weekly or bi-weekly payments.


Tierra Destiny Reid:

Tierra Destiny Reid is a grateful mother of two, and an innovative trailblazer in retail, entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment. The author of the revolutionary empowerment guide 'The Power of Peace in a Pause', Tierra is passionate about using her life lessons and gifts to inspire women around the world to pause and propel their way to authentic success, leadership, and service. 

Known for her unique mix of heart, accountability, and hard-driving business savvy, Tierra is the President of TDR Brands International and the visionary behind The Retail Campus, an emerging global resource for women with retail products and store fronts.  Her unconventional and inspirational approach has made her a sought out speaker and contributor for female-focused brands including Tory Johnson’s Spark & HustleLittle Pink BookWISE SymposiumBlogalicious, and theNational Association of Resale and Thrift Stores 25th Anniversary conference.  She has also been featured on Good Morning America Work Spot, Success Magazine, FOX, CBS, OWN TV promo for meditation series, covered the red carpet for O You in LA, and shared her feedback in O, The Oprah Magazine's, We Hear You column. Tierra is a proud Oprah Winfrey Network Ambassador and dreams of creating a non-profit for single mothers striving to also blaze trails while becoming their best selves along the way. Click here to view our company highlights from 2015.

Delmar Johnson:

With over 20 years of experience working with big corporations, small business owners and new entrepreneurs, human resource guru and visionary Delmar Johnson founded the brand HR Brain for Hire™ as a trusted and resourceful solution for first time employers in need of affordable, efficient, and top notch recruitment, training and HR services. Delmar’s personal story, which includes multiple layoffs, life challenges, and her own dive into entrepreneurship, gives her a perfect mix of formal knowledge and “real life” experience that she pours into each client and their unique needs. Delmar also has an unconditional passion for women in career transition and enjoys coaching and sharing her time and knowledge with organizations, non-profit groups and individuals who simply need a little guidance and a plan in their career job preparedness. 

In offering solutions, interactive workshops, and professional development training, Delmar’s goal is two-fold, 1) to offer value-added solutions to women-owned business owners, positioning them as an” employer of choice” through the establishing of HR tools, standards and systems; and 2) to equip women to design their own career path by connecting who they are authentically to what they do to serve the world.

Delmar is the Author of the book Seasons of My Soul: A Life Journey Through Lessons Learned in a Dry Place and co-author of The Power of Collaboration in Business, she’s been featured in The Working Mother Magazine, Connected Woman Magazine, and The Little Pink Book Magazine; in addition, Delmar has also been a guest speaker at several conferences and empowerment events including the Unstoppable Woman’s Tour 2015, Stiletto Thrive, Design Your Destiny, and Spark and Hustle Entrepreneurs Conferences.


  • Computer
  • Telephone
  • Internet Access


  • Headphones
  • Journal
  • Printer
  • Free Dropbox Account
  • Legal Pads, Planning Materials
  • Calculator


A confidentiality statement will be provided to all students. All sales are final and non-transferable. In the event of program cancellation a 30% cancellation fee will incur. A formal written notice of cancellation is required and should be faxed to 1.888.353.0899. In the event of an unforeseen hardship that impact participation the student will be provided access to all program materials, including recordings,  to take advantage of the program. 


Students are required to listen to all modules and complete the assignments according to deadlines communicated.  Live sessions will be recorded in case there is a scheduling conflict.


Each assignment is designed to provide you with a foundation for success. Please set aside time to give your undivided attention to your goals. 


You are responsible for listening to the lectures, reading the required materials, and understanding the materials presented. You are also responsible for asking questions and attending the scheduled calls. 


Prepare for lectures. Listen to the lectures in their entirety, and take notes.  Take the time to complete assignments with the best of your ability, and submit them on time. 

Questions and concerns?

Contact a member from our team at 1.888.353.0899 Ext 5.