Small Business Success




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"The Small Business Success Summit was life-changing for me. The information shared was worth thousands of dollars and it is so easy to understand."

- Shonte Press




Are you a small business owner looking to generate more results or are you an emerging business owner or startup looking to save time and money as you build? If so, this Small Business Success Summit Live is perfect. This digital series is jam packed with solid information, insight, and lessons learned by Tierra Destiny Reid during her first eight years as a full time entrepreneur after a layoff from her corporate position. 


Topics include:

  • Lessons learned as a startup
  • How to transition from your day job to entrepreneurship
  • The fundamental suggestions from those just getting started
  • How to attract the right clients
  • The basics of branding and how TDR made money without overinvesting in visual branding
  • Messaging
  • Sales planning
  • Sales generation,
  • How to keep it all simple and grow
  • Common myths
  • Real life strategy sessions and common pitfalls
  • Experience with brick and mortar models








Perfect for:


Existing business owners looking for motivation or a fresh outlook on strategic planning for bigger results

Those who prefer to keep things simple and save time

Those looking to create a clear, concise message to attract the right customers

Those who may feel overwhelmed or need support by simply pulling all the pieces together. 



The Small Business Summit was life-changing. It was worth thousands of dollars. The information provided was so easy to understand. I am so grateful I attended both days. - Janie Deadwyler



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