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"As the child of a single mompreneur, I saw the struggle up close and personal. I also saw the strength! Help us surprise 20 deserving women and their children. Change a woman and you change their child. Change a child and you change the world" - Tierra Destiny

While we provide professional entrepreneurial and empowerment services for female entrepreneurs and mompreneurs, we are doing a special give back especially for Single Mompreneurs for 2015. There will be other opportunites for all female entrepreneurs to gain support throughout the year so be sure to leave your email on home page.


Do you know a trailblazing single mother? Nominate her and her children (18 and under) for an all-inclusive transformation and entrepreneurial pause retreat. Complete the form below for each woman that you would like to nominate (3 is the max).   See images of past pause retreats here. Would you like to sponsor a single mother or the retreat? Would you like to offer your services or donate in-kind items for the mothers or children? Email us now.

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Trailblazing Single Moms Dream Vacation


Growing up, I watched my resilient single mom juggle motherhood while being an entrepreneur, holding down multiple jobs, and attending school. Determined to expose her children to a different way of life, she somehow found time to reach out for help and enroll us in programs that let us see a different way of life.  

She also showed us the importance of volunteering and giving back. I was enrolled as a candy striper at Dekalb Medical Center at age 13 and was also paired with a mentor through Big Brother and Big Sister of Metro Atlanta. God would have it that my mentor Marsheila and I share the same birthday, and we are still sisters that stay in touch to this very day. 

I hope I can pay it forward as I work with all women in business.  However, I am always inspired in a special way when a single mother is still finding a way to keep going without the added support of a spouse. What an amazing example for children. It definitely paid off in my case.


I quickly learned there's no better feeling than sharing something amazing with others and seeing the excitement in their eyes. My dream is to take a group of trailblazing single mothers with me on my dream vacation at Sir Richard Branson's Private Island, NECKER ISLAND. Why NECKER? Well, during my pause, I did a powerful assignment that forced me to find a place that would become a new dream-come-true vacation.  I decided to elevate the dream and share it with others who more than likely have no idea it exists and could benefit even more from peace of mind and the power of nature at its best. 

While on the island, I'd like to host a transformation workshop for the single moms and celebrate who they are while equipping them with tools to awaken their full potential on a deeper level. Can you imagine the experience of having someone pour into them with no strings attached? Just a chance to get a break and  enjoy being pampered and transformed in an exotic location? The very thought of giving them an opportunity that some of them may not experience otherwise makes me smile. I am looking for supporters and sponsors to make this dream a reality. 

When we inspire hope, we change the world. Imagine someone lost in an alley at midnight with no streetlights. That is a dark place. What if someone appeared with a flashlight? Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, changes because they have a guide. No matter what direction they choose to go, they now have a glimmer of light and a hope that taking another step could lead to a different place. Believe it or not, I have had a few moments just that dark in my past, and I am sure you can relate. I want to share that light with those women who may not have anyone else rooting for them other than their children. 

If remaining in an unhealthy situation means lying to yourself to please the world, then let us be brave enough to stand on our own two feet alone until we understand we are never really alone in spirit. You are not defined by anyone outside of yourself and we create the world that we truly believe we are worthy of living in. Shine bright...unapologetically.
— Tierra Destiny Reid


We love suporrting women.jpg
Knowledge is power. Help us strengthen women, which will strengthen their children.  One change can change everything. We look forward to featuring your advice with others.
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Reaching back and uplifting others has always been a huge part of Tierra's personality and personal mission. Here are just a few of the ways she has given back through her brands and personal initiatives:

  • Over $10,000 worth of clothing donated from Stylish Consignments as sponsor of onsite Women Clothing Center for Partnership Against Domestic Violence; New house guests could shop for free work clothes and accessories.
  • Donate 100% of all money raised during community parking lot events, raising over $5000 cash for Domestic Violence Women collectively as a small business owner
  • Provided Design Your Destiny Scholarships to aspiring entrepreneurs and women in business in Atlanta , DC, and SC
  • Provided Design Your Destiny College Scholarship[s for Chess and Community Essay Winners in Athens GA
  • Began official apprenticeship and internship programs in 2009 to provide hands on training and development for promising future leaders to help them save time and money and learn without the invested risk
  • Speaker at Global Entrepreneurship  Summit 2014 for minority teens
  • Actively planned and attended countless Partners in Time events with Macy's Corporate offices helping rebuild homes and feed the hungry


Are you a nonprofit looking to work with Tierra as a speaker or special guest? Complete this form and note that you are a nonprofit organization. Unfortunately Tierra can't honor all requests, but she does her best to select a handful to support each year that directly align with her mission.