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Shyreeta Benbow, is a fun loving and adventurous, 36 year old city girl. She was born and raised in Chicago, with a huge heart for journaling, freelance writing, and international business travel. With over 10 years experience she is co-founder of iBrand Matchmaker Int'l Trade Co. , a business dedicated to introducing small business owners to international business ethics, culture, importing, and travel.

She lives in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, along with her 2 teenage children, and a lone Beta fish named, Jo-Jo. She's always dreaming of traveling the world freely, blogging her journey, and helping people voluntarily start the process of business ownership.

She keeps active by playing basketball with her daughter, dancing and singing karaoke with her children, reading, exercising, and when in town, acting as chauffeur to her children and their friends.

Shyreeta takes great pride in volunteering time to participate in food and toy drives with a non profit organization, GLARE Club, donating goods to senior citizens in need through Fellowes Inc., passing out groceries at food pantries, and accepting donations yearly, for prepared food, drinks, and utensils for the needy, while standing outdoors and serving meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Shyreeta enjoys writing and doodling ideas, sharing life experiences, sharing innovative ideas amongst her friends, and teaching others about overcoming the fear of doing business abroad.

In 2008, Shyreeta, along with her partners, labeled themselves as the "3 Brown Girls," traveling abroad, vlogging with a burning passion to find answers that would help others thrive beyond just having a dream. They have been interviewed by a nationally known Entertainment News resource, was curious about what peaked their interests in becoming apart of such a vast industry as sourcing/importing, that most largely lacks an African American and women of minority presences. They were interested in knowing how the "3 Brown Girls" strived to move forward with little capital to build upon and little known resources to tap into.

Currently, Shyreeta Benbow, is writing weekly posts known as "Starting Over, with a New Look," with topics ranging from business, finances, love, travelling, and overcoming life's circumstances. She's working on an e-book, "There's Life After Divorce", a manual that promotes healing and steps to take while re-entering the world of dating.

Shyreeta's experience is rich, broad, deep, thrilling, and exciting! She guarantees success for people aspiring to be business owners, product developers, and brand creators by teaching them the correct approach to handling business domestic and international. Because of her strong desire to help others from her experiences, her company is now providing introductory consults by contacting

Shyreeta is co-owner of, Oh My, Miracle! Hair Oil which is a 100% herbal hair growth oil formulated for men, women, and children. Also, co-owner of a unique and versatile hat line, Crown Kandy Hats  which can currently be purchased at SEARS.



I am RaRa! A blogger of beauty, fashion and style. I consider beauty, fashion and style as an ongoing journey. It does not start from without, but within. The more you discover the beauty you already possess within, the more you will express it without. I'm still discovering my best self and it never gets old. We all possess beauty, fashion always moves forward and style reveals our truth! So embrace it and enjoy the journey!


 I am a founding trailblazer Beautytainer with TyraBeauty Tyra Brand New makeup line!!! On a mission to have every women bring out her sexy and know to unleash and rock your flawsome! I want to spread the joy all with awesome makeup! While empowering and coaching other queenprenuers who are ready to take control of our destiny by being your own boss with the help of a amazing community helping every step of the way!