Humbled & Grateful, 
Tierra Destiny 

Once you have plowed your own garden, the best thing you can do is pass on the tools to someone who is ready to plow their own.
— Tierra Destiny

by Michael A. Singer

This book opened up my mind and awakened my spirit during my pause. It helps you realize that you choose to think what you think and that you therefore create your reality around that. It gave me freedom to step back and ask what I had been telling myself rather than flowing with grace and allowing my story to simply unfold.  I love how it gave very vivid examples of how we allow fear to guide us and we create a justified reason which ultimately limits what life could really look and feel like.

by Dr. Brene Brown

Brene's timing on OWN was simply divine.  Her ability to speak about vulnerability and how it is actually a strength and not a weakness really inspired me to admit my deepest, most intimate areas or topics of vulnerability.  I wanted to dive deeper - what topics get me defensive or sad or do I avoid discussing?  I realized vulnerability can leave you wide open to get hurt or receive more pain. Well, sometimes that is related to the shame we may feel also. Brene also explained how shame is just a dark feeling that is fear trying to hold us back. We can accept who we are and you should share your story. I love her healthy advice that you don't have to blast it to the world to know you are overcoming.  Simply sharing with those who've earned the right to hear it is enough. I loved that.  Dr. Brene Brown helped me face one of the hardest conversations ever that was years overdue.

The Conscious Parent 

After attending Oprah's Life class with Dr. Shefali Tsabary and watching her amazing Ted talk video for parents, I realized I was yearning for this as a child and I yearned to be this type of parent for my children. So many people stick by what they've seen because that's all they know. But I love how her approach helps us to see our children as people to guide and nurture them...not control them. They deserve respect not to be talked at but to be spoken to. It feels like this would remove years of the struggles adults later must overcome emotionally.  Since attending I do think I'm harder on myself now that I've been shown a different way. What I love about this is that I am now aware of how my children were assigned specifically to me and me to them to help each other to see the truth about what is still inside of us. Children have a way of bringing that out.

by Devon Franklin 
After watching Devon on Super Soul Sunday, I ordered his book and read it on the airplane before a trip to LA. The timing was absolutely divine because I was on the cusp of major decisions and a shift within. What I loved most is when Devon advised us not to walk through a door of opportunity that was not big enough for all of who we are to walk through it. I absolutely loooove this because many times we give up sacred days or beliefs in order to qualify for an opportunity when the exact opposite would lead us to our ultimate Destiny. He gives countless examples as to how flowing and remaining obedient to faith will lead us to our biggest and most authentic opportunities. 

This show is an awesome tool for tackling life's biggest lessons and challenges head on.
Topics include fear, guilt, forgiveness, shame, and relationships. Plus open heart discussions that are generally suppressed by society such as daddy-less daughters. Not only does life class help these topics rise to the top of our consciousness, but it also provides tools and techniques to work through your own life in the intimacy, privacy, and ways that work for you and your family.

This show is absolutely inspiring.  Because I am most awakened by people who are able to speak unapologetically about who they are and what they believe, this show just liberates the spirit. It lifts the spirit through open heart topics for the soul and asks the featured guest to breakdown just how they have connected to their true selves, ultimately inspiring us to free our spirits to flow with our own process and not limit ourselves by what we believe but remain open to flowing with grace.

This show truly broke me open and forced me to ask myself all the questions I had for those who had hurt me. It  liberated me from being the victim (which is a valid feeling but we must move or rise above the pain at some point) to embracing and focusing on the woman I want to become. While watching Iyanla perform spiritual and emotional healing and guidance I would journal and begin exploring the suppressed areas of my past. This became a very powerful and freeing experience to me, and unlocked healing and forgiveness.