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The Retail Summit




March 4 - March 5

Join Tierra Destiny Reid, Delmar Johnson, and a panel of industry experts who are committed to intentional leadership and a life you can enjoy; as you build for 2 days packed with tangible tools to create the products you need to support the lifestyle you deserve, one step at a time.


Are you an entrepreneur, leader, speaker, author, or servant dedicated to helping as many people as possible with your gift and expertise?

Have you wondered where you should dedicate your time, energy, and resources to make the greatest impact?

Well, at TDR Brands International, we believe that your gift starts within.  Your intent will determine how you use your talents and skills, and your decisions guide your actions.  The actions that you take, will produce your results.

Without products to serve others, you may get stuck helping people one by one.  You could find yourself traveling and speaking on huge stages only to bottleneck because you don’t have products to sell.

Information products unlock a magic key to change.  They allow you, the servant, to help an unlimited amount of people with what you know, WITHOUT sacrificing the personal time you need with your family to replenish and enjoy life.

Products, whether it be tangible or digital solve problems and solutions for people.  Could it be that the information or idea that you have inside could be the missing link for someone else’s purpose?  It is your responsibility to get it out.

 We can help you do this in a very practical, step by step formula.

But that’s not where it ends.

Once you have products or inventory to sell, who is going to brand it, package it, ship it, and sell it?  Are you going to go it alone?  For how long?  When will you know it is time to get help?  What is stopping you from recruiting help?

Many people say they CANNOT afford help.  You can’t afford NOT to get help.  Yes, it may be your friend, classmate, a colleague you trust, an intern, or an acquaintance with similar interest at first…But trust us, YOU need someone.  If not today, eventually.

Delmar Johnson has over 20 years in HR Development and we have partnered with her to help you build your team on a budget.  Find out what we did with zero revenue to get started and how we grew the brand step-by-step.  We now contract and outsource support worldwide, save more money than ever imagined, and have a team that works in our physical and satellite office locations when needed.

We’ve learned how to streamline our budget, stay lean, but get the support we needed to grow and actually enjoy what we are doing and how we serve the world.

This view didn’t come overnight.  This is truly A NEW VIEW.  This perspective came after years of trial and error, layoffs, startups, selling businesses, hiring and firing, trying it alone, and trying it with too many.

We want to share our resources, lessons, and solutions to help you save thousands of dollars.  You could be delegating your money investments in the wrong areas.  We will show you how to invest where you will see results, in less time and with greater reward.

 Join Tierra Destiny Reid, Delmar Johnson, and special guests as we share a New View with you, to create the products you need to support the lifestyle you deserve, one step at a time.

This is not for those who want to get it perfect overnight.  It is for those who want to know the missing link between what you’ve been doing and what you haven’t done to get further along.

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