Tierra Destiny Reid

Success Stories





Miriam Gilmore, of Miami Florida invested in TDR BRands International at a critical crossroads in her journey. After extremely intense sessions and work assignments we were able to get to the root of her business decisions. She courageously decided to stop the bleeding and get back to what she truly loves most! As we watch this entrepreneur serve families with her love for Real Estate while having the flexibility to be with her girls, we are grateful beyond measure to know her and present our 2015 SHINING STAR AWARD to a TRUE SERVANT who understands that it starts with the truth and our inner voice.


Michele& Sasha , BENE SCARVES

These servant leaders give a portion of all proceeds to support the education of young girls in Africa. Innovative, sassy, and sharp, our mentees quickly applied their learnings and generated more revenue in fourth qtr of 2015 than they had in the first 8 months combined!



Lorea Sample became a client as a retail startup and has evolved as a Servant Leader who embraced her pause and is ready to expand her platform to help women “Unlearn Unworthiness”. This servant leader inspires me because she truly has embraced her process and been obedient to the call. She doesn’t hesitate to invest in her vision and serve in non-traditional formats.

Delmar Johnson - HR Brand for Hire
Loyal, Sharp, and Consistent. Delmar originally "strategically stalked” the brand over 5 years ago. Not only was she hired as our HR Director, she became a client who invested in the development of her platform and transforming from within. 
Sakeisha Hylick is on a mission to help marriages win. I have learned so much from her and Eric that I wish I knew them over 12 years ago. Their fresh, authentic approach to relationship building will help millions of people and it has been an honor to watch them build their platform from behind the scenes. Stay tuned for the release of “Marriage Can Win” the book!

Keshea Way , A true servant leader in her own right. Keshea was a customer at my store in Lilburn, GA and attended our pause moment this year. After investing in our “Pause, Plan, Profit” weekend, I have seen her become a true architect for her mission to serve others. She is truly an inspiration and we are grateful to have her as our first official Lead Brand Ambassador!
Tamell invested 22 weeks as a “Trailblazer” with us and literally transformed before our eyes. Her spirit is her guide. Watching her expand her platform to serve the small business community, nurture her family, and regain her strength and independence along the way; was an inspiration to experience along her side. As the proud mother of three amazing children; including Jojo a TV personality who is positioned to serve and inspire the youth as they expand beyond the South Carolina market.