Leadership Summit






Atlanta - November 13 - 14

" A New View: Intentional Leadership"

Intentional Leadership. Intentional Living.

Thank you for expressing interest in our Leadership Summit.


It is our goal to intentionally connect the servant leaders and entrepreneurs within our community to provide support, solutions, and resources to each other. We think your presence would add great value to the conversation. We would love for you to join us.


Are you a leader, servant, entrepreneur, coach, author, or woman of influence who is typically in a role that requires you to constantly pour out and share your greatest gifts and time with those around you?

If so, we believe that it is essential that you take time to intentionally invest in the experiences that will provide education and empowerment to help refuel you.

There is nothing like sitting across from an authentic leader who understands the responsibility that you face daily.  It is a refreshing feeling to speak the same language and also struggle with some of the same obstacles. None of us are perfect but together we are powerful. 

Join us for a 2-day event led by TDR and Delmar Johnson, along with special guests as we discuss intentional leadership and pour back into you.  Sometimes our schedules become so hectic and we are too deep in the trenches with no one to pull us away for a moment of clarity.

Join powerful women we admire to engage in higher purpose and service driven initiatives.


Global Mindset 

Impact and Influence

Self Worth vs Net Worth

Strategic Planning and Development Strategy

The 3-D Approach to Leadership

Am I Taking Care of Me?

This will be an intimate, highly engaging, opportunity to partner with TDR and meet strong collaborators in our network to help you move forward in your business and support your 2016 and 2017 campaigns.

We want to help you refuel, refocus, and maximize intentional living.

Join us for this one time opportunity to grow together. 






Recommended Travel Thursday Evening


Breakfast Provided

Summit Program and Materials Provided

Lunch Provided

Partner Up Breakout Lounge

Mix and Mingle

Private Blue Print Session for Leaders wanting to host a summit *


Saturday Morning Meditation

Get Fit Session

Breakfast & Berries

Leaders Want Fun Too : City Session

A full agenda will be provided to registered attendees.