Thank you for expressing interest in working and training with TDR. Please review our program option below and confirm your enrollment by processing your initial program deposit. All program participant spaces are limited and will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at 1.888.353.0899 ext 5.

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm est



The advanced development program is a private and extremely hands on consulting program for clients who need us to help them build the platform and prefer to use our team of contractors to development key components of the brand.  From branding identity, to content messaging, social media graphics and sales and marketing plans, these clients invest to save tons of time on outsourcing, hiring, and building. You also save money that could potentially be wasted on piece-mealing your platform together while sacrificing your vision without quality development, cohesiveness, and authentic alignment with your natural skill set and company mission. This program allows you to partner with TDR Brands and leverage her existing contractors and resources to create an infrastructure and platform with a streamlined process. 


Perfect for entrepreneurs who are meticulous about their investment, extremely limited on time, prefer proper planning and support, and want to increase efficiency and results. This program is also perfect for the person or couple who would prefer that we direct and outsource the project.


A 6 to 12 month commitment of training, development and platform building with face to face sessions available upon request. 


  • Private consulting with TDR and her team of consultants and contractors
  • Brand identity with visual branding created or updated to align with your authentic messaging
  • The creation of clear messaging and content throughout your website or an assessment and revision of your existing messaging and content
  •  250 printed business cards
  • Customized letter head
  • A branded digital product to support a passive revenue model if applicable
  • Social media banners, website banners, logo or graphics needed to maximize the visual impact of your product or services
  • TDR and her team will create up to 4 weeks of automated content where applicable
  • Unlimited email access
  • Virtual training and development sessions with TDR
  • Start smart resource guide
  • Participation in quarterly build your own brand Pause.Plan.Profit face to face workshop
  • TDR's recommended NDA agreement and free lance contractor agreement for future use
  • Team recruiting and team building support where applicable
  • Sales tracking and marketing content grid 
  • Sample of TDR's speaking contractor and rider where applicable for those who offer public speaking
  • Event Plan and Profit checklist where applicable




Program Value: $20,000 - $40,000

Your Investment: $14,000

Payment Options:

One time pay in full incentive: $13,000

SAVE $1,000

Extended payment plan:  $3,000 deposit + 28 bi-weekly installments as low as $399.