Tierra Destiny Reid

Free 2 Day Course






September 22 - September 23

Join TDR and Friends for a Free  2-day online course that will unite, educate, and celebrate; servant leaders, entrepreneurs, and people committed to intentional leadership.  We feel that the industry has done a great job at fueling entrepreneurship, leadership, and success; but we've found that there are very few tools in place to serve the servant.  As a leader, entrepreneur, or servant, it is important to understand the power of your intent and to know how to assess your overall reality, not just your professional one.  A leader who expands their view beyond the results of their gifted efforts and truly embraces their world and state of being as a whole will increase their impact, influence, and state of living dramatically.

This free course will reveal:

The Importance of Assessing Avoidance Tactics

The Importance of Protecting Your Mind

The Importance of Gaining Clarity & Removing Distractions

The Importance of Intentionally Breaking Bad Habits & Patterns

The Importance of Pricing & Positioning

The Importance of Intentional Mindset & Intentional Living