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Welcome to 'PAUSE. PLAN. PROFIT.' with TDR & Friends






Welcome to PAUSE. PLAN. PROFIT. with TDR and Friends.


"The TDR Think Tank RELOADED"

Are you a startup entrepreneur or existing business owner who could use support with dumping out your ideas, sorting and prioritizing what makes the most sense now, while receiving feedback from peers, potential customers, and collaborators for your upcoming launch, product, or event?  Are you a business professional or aspiring entrepreneur that understands the value of investing in solid knowledge and experience to save time and reduce costly mistakes and pitfalls as you grow?  This is not for someone who is looking to cut corners, but it is for the professional willing to invest now to save thousands later.  If you have ever invested in or researched a MBA or PhD program, you know the costs and time associated with it.  This is why TDR has created this customized, intimate, opportunity available for entrepreneurs at a fraction of the cost.  This is not a cookie cutter offering.  We prefer serious inquiries only.  

Bring your notes, journals, reports, and ideas to the ‘Pause, Plan, and Profit with TDR’ weekend, for 3 days of solid feedback and strategic guidance. The purpose of this weekend is to offer real life feedback and guidance for next steps, prioritizing your ideas, and profitability and effectiveness of your goods or services.  Why try to figure everything out alone if you don't have to?  


Systems & Processes for Streamlining

Newsletter Creation and Reporting


Strategic Planning

Product & Service Assortment

Social Media Marketing & Automation Techniques

Pricing Structure for Vertical Growth

Marketing Content Grid Creation

Marketing Promotional Calendar

Branding to Support Your Marketing Plan

Scaling & Measuring Business Analytics

Creative Interactive Session with Group

Hiring and Team Creation for Startups

Intern Your Way to Profits Workbook

Hands-On Private Session with HR Consultant

Focus Group Session

TDR’s Favorite Business Must-Haves Checklist

Access and Introduction to TDR’s ‘Little Black Book’

TDR’s Quick Tips for Bootstrappers

Identify Risk Reduction Strategies for Building Your Personal Brand & Platform while Juggling Your Career

One-on-One Trailblazer Session with TDR

Complete Business & Personal Transformation

Empowerment Session with TDR

3 Months of Follow-Up Support via Live Check-In Calls with your TDR Expert


TDR Brands International Offices









*One-on-One 3-day weekend with TDR and Experts available only


Are you ready to get clear, solid, step by step feedback from women who have built brick and mortar companies, consulting groups, national speaking platforms, and lead team development recruiting and training initiatives for Fortune 500 companies?

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