In 2009, I was laid off from my Fortune 500 corporate position due to a company merger. When given the choice to relocate, take an alternate position to continue growing with the company, or accept the pink slip and severance package, I chose my dreams and my heart!

No longer could I deny the fact that my spirit was yearning for more! I wanted more flexibility, freedom to travel while I earn money, and time with my family! Unfortunately, the path that I chose did not immediately yield those results. Honestly, it started to feel like I had less flexibility and time with those that I loved. It was rough trying to juggle so many things as an entrepreneur, mother, and wife.

Opening a storefront managing hundreds of customers, consignors, and inventory on a shoestring budget was extremely stressful at times. However, there was freedom in knowing that I was building a brand and future that would eventually yield the freedom and flexibility that I so desired.

Eventually, over the course of countless highs and lows, it began to get easier and my revenue increased! However, learning how to manage money, gain discipline, structure, and face my own insecurities became the challenge. It's funny how money can expose other things requiring our attention once you start to make it. If we are honest, we realize that the profits that we may yield from our company will not change who we are; it will only change our circumstances.

So, I had work to do. I decided to set out on an intentional journey to heal, grow, and progress from the inside out. I have always loved sharing good information and experiences with people! I am easily turned off by scams and get rich quick schemes. This made it hard to know how to really collaborate and grow in my industry as I began embracing this fragile season of self-discovery. However, once I truly surrendered, God sent me a wink through Ms. Oprah Winfrey that changed my life and perspective on trust, living by faith, and obedience.

After returning home from the O You! Seminar and private lunch that Ms. Winfrey held for us, I knew I had more work to do. I had no idea this would become a lifelong journey. Some decisions set us on an entirely new trajectory of life! The road has been filled with love, joy, sunshine, and tears! I filed for divorce and had to ensure that I could still provide for myself and my children while I was healing and growing. As hard as it was as a full-time entrepreneur, I would not change it! When the rubber hits the road, you get to see what you are truly made of! You must apply all lessons learned in order to create the life you desire! It is one thing to build your brand with the support of a second income and spouse. However, it’s totally different when it was just me and the babies. It was during this time I grew the most!

Healing from the inside out and being honest about my true desires has been key! I've had to work smarter and be honest about what deserved my time and what did not. I’ve had to be honest about when it is time to lead and when it’s not. I’ve also had to learn when to drive forward with momentum and when to prioritize my family. Quality time with my children, flexibility, options, the ability to travel and work from anywhere, and earn a living while helping people are my true desires.  It took a long trip around the mountain, but I am back at my truth. At one point I didn’t admire who I was. In some areas, I was sharp and successful and things looked great, but deep within I didn't respect myself. However, after many tough decisions, days alone with God, and learning to appreciate life and the gift in each lesson, I’ve blossomed into a woman I truly admire. The woman I am today is worth thinking highly of because I don’t have to be perfect to fit in. I don’t have to say yes when I really mean no or chase any opportunity. When we heal, we love life and it loves us back!

This season is about sharing what I have learned, introducing you to amazing people and industry leaders that I have learned from. It’s about helping you share your knowledge, earn more revenue, and change lives along the way. Join the movement and live the life you deserve!

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